Fully Vaxxinated Account for 4 in Every 5 of the Record Breaking Wave of C0V-19 Deaths Across Australia

Fully Vaxxinated Account for 4 in Every 5 of the Record Breaking Wave of C0V-19 Deaths Across Australia

By The Expose

Australia recently recorded a 7 day average of 72 Covid-19 deaths every day. But during the first wave of Covid-19 to hit the country back in March 2020, the 7 day average equated to no more than 4 deaths per day.

Meanwhile official New South Wales Government figures shows that throughout the whole of March 2022, the vaccinated population accounted for over 4 in every 5 Covid-19 deaths.

So why is it that the 7 day average number of Covid-19 deaths is currently 18 times higher two years on from the beginning of the pandemic?

And why is it that according to official Government figures, the vaccinated population account for 84% of the record breaking number of Covid-19 deaths in Australia?

The difference between now and then?

Back in March 2020 there was no natural immunity, a Covid-19 vaccine did not exist, and the alleged original strain of Covid-19 caused much more severe disease.

But fast forward to March 2022, and we know that some natural immunity exists, and we certainly know that there is now a Covid-19 vaccine because of the discrimination and propaganda associated with it. We also know that the Omicron variant is now dominant and is supposed to cause disease no more severe than the common cold.

So why is the number of Covid-19 deaths occurring in Australia currently at an all time high?

The first wave to hit the country as a whole was actually the least severe wave according to the above data. But then a second wave hit the country in August 2020 which was much more severe than the first. Then deaths fell to virtually zero 3 months before the first Covid-19 injection was administered in the country, and they remained at virtually zero until around August 2021.

The country then experienced a wave of deaths comparable to the August 2020 wave but lasting much longer and never declining to zero. However, we can see it was at least steadily declining up until the point the booster campaign began, and then we can see that all hell broke loose.

The largest wave of deaths to data occurred in January 2022, before falling to levels still higher than any other previous wave, but then dramatically rising again to the present day.

The picture is much the same for the region of New South Wales Australia, however they never experienced the second wave that Australia as a whole did, and the number of deaths now occurring as of April 2022 are even higher than the record breaking Jan/Feb 22 wave that hit the Australian state.

The other difference between New South Wales and the rest of Australia is that deaths did fall to virtually zero just before the Booster roll-out across the state. But then, just like the rest of Australia, all hell broke loose.

Correlation does not necessarily equal causation but the above certainly looks like the Booster may have had the opposite of its intended effect.

The real question is, who is it that’s accounting for these record breaking number of deaths?

Vaccination Status

The Government of New South Wales, Australia had been producing a weekly Covid-19 Statistical Report, but they then decided to stop publishing it. Why? Probably because how terrible the data was looking for those who have chosen to be vaccinated.

Here’s how the figures added up between 26th Nov 21 and 5th Feb 22 according to the now neglected Government of NSW report –

However, the Government of New South Wales has been revealing the number of deaths by vaccination status in a new daily ‘Covid-19 Statistics’ update, the full list of which can be found here. We’ve also provided links to the 31 reports for the entirety of March 2022 at the end of this article.

In each report the Government of NSW provide a segment like this one taken from the 30th March report –


So we went through the 31 reports for March 22 and tallied up the deaths by vaccination status which were as follows –

The worst day for deaths throughout March came on the 31st March, with 3 deaths among the unvaccinated, 9 deaths among the double vaccinated, and 5 deaths among the triple vaccinated.

Between 1st and 31st March 22, the Government of New South Wales claims 195 people sadly lost their lives. This is 8 times as many deaths as what occurred during the first three months of the pandemic in New South Wales Australia back in 2020.

Of the 195 people to sadly lose their lives in March 22, just 31 were considered not-vaccinated, but even this may not be true because the Government of New South Wales still considers a person unvaccinated within 21 days of actually being injected with a Covid-19 jab.

The highest number of Covid-19 deaths was recorded among the double vaccinated population with 92 deaths, but the triple vaccinated population were not far behind with 67 deaths. Even the quadruple vaccinated population have got in the action with 1 death being recorded.

The following chart shows the percentage of Covid-19 deaths by vaccination status in NSW, Australia between 1st and 31st March 22 –

The no-effective-dose population accounted for 15.8% of those deaths, whilst the partly vaccinated population accounted for 2% of deaths. Meanwhile the double vaccinated population accounted for 47% of those deaths and the triple vaccinated population accounted for 34% of deaths. With just 1 death recorded among the quadruple vaccinated they accounted for just 1% of deaths.

The following chart shows the percentage of Covid-19 deaths between the vaccinated population as a whole and the no-effective-dose population –

In all the no-effective-dose population accounted for 15.8% of all Covid-19 deaths between 1st and 31st March; whilst the vaccinated population accounted for 84.2%, meaning over 4 in every 5 Covid-19 deaths in NSW, Australia are now among the vaccinated population.

There’s no wonder the Government of NSW wanted to make that statistic both hard and tedious to find.

Australians’ have had it hard when it comes to Draconian restrictions in response to this alleged virus. They’ve had to suffer long lockdowns, and have been unable to travel out of their local area. They’ve required permits to go to work, and had to suffer military checkpoints to leave their local area to get to their place of work.

All of this was done under the promise that a Covid-19 vaccine would solve a problem that never was. Deaths were already at zero when it was introduced to the population. But it looks like that unnecessary vaccine may have made matters much worse.

Who can deny that as fact with so many people in Australia succumbing to the pressure and coercion to get vaccinated, and the 7-day average number of Covid-19 deaths currently being 18 times higher than they were two years ago at the beginning of the pandemic?

Original Source: https://dailyexpose.uk/2022/04/21/australia-4-in-5-covid-deaths-fully-vaccinated-2/