Bitcoin mining becomes increasingly difficult — 5 key aspects to understand this week.

Bitcoin (BTC) is starting the week with a classic short squeeze, bringing back the volatility that was observed earlier in the month. The cryptocurrency is currently trading near $28,000 as it approaches the first Wall Street open of the week. Traders are on edge as both longs and shorts struggle to keep up with the short-term price movements, resulting in an increasing number of liquidations. Sentiment in the market is constantly changing, with bullish projections being replaced by fear and uncertainty when downside movements occur.

Despite the fluctuating sentiment, there are positive signs behind the scenes. Network fundamentals are reaching new all-time highs, and the mining difficulty is expected to see its third-largest hike of the year. These factors indicate the overall strength of the Bitcoin network. However, external factors such as geopolitical tensions in the Middle East could add to the price volatility of Bitcoin.

The weekly close of Bitcoin did not disappoint, as multiple short squeezes led to a $1,000 increase in BTC/USD. The optimistic sentiment returned, with many traders seeing the move to multi-day highs of $27,975 as a positive sign. However, there are still cautious voices in the market, warning of potential downside pressure that could bring Bitcoin back to $20,000 in the coming months.

In addition to short squeezes, there has been a notable movement of “older” Bitcoin as they leave their wallets after a period of dormancy. This movement is seen as an indicator of price direction reversals. The change in macro landscape this week is driven by the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict and concerns about inflation. The Federal Reserve’s upcoming meeting to set interest rates will also be closely watched, as inflation cues will influence risk sentiment.

The Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) is experiencing a firm resurgence, with the discount to net asset value (NAV) reaching its lowest level since December 2021. This turnaround is attributed to legal victories for Grayscale over U.S. regulators. The market now expects a spot price exchange-traded fund (ETF) to be approved, which could attract institutional investors to Bitcoin.

Bitcoin network fundamentals continue to strengthen, with the mining difficulty expected to reach new all-time highs. This reflects the increasing competition among miners and the robust security of the Bitcoin network. However, concerns about miner profitability persist, as expenses continue to rise while BTC price levels remain modest.

In conclusion, Bitcoin is experiencing classic volatility with short squeezes and short-term price movements. Sentiment in the market fluctuates as traders navigate these movements. Network fundamentals are strong, but external factors such as geopolitical tensions and inflation could influence Bitcoin’s price. The resurgence of the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust and the upcoming difficulty hike highlight the continued growth and strength of the Bitcoin network.

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