Komainu, Supported by Nomura, Joins Copper’s ClearLoop Network for Crypto Custody

Komainu, a well-known custody provider for digital assets, has announced a new collaboration with ClearLoop, a fintech firm specializing in off-exchange settlement. This partnership aims to offer enhanced services to Komainu clients and provide them with greater flexibility when it comes to managing their digital assets securely.

One of the key benefits for Komainu clients in this collaboration is the opportunity to leverage the firm’s on-chain custody solutions. On-chain custody refers to the practice of storing digital assets on their respective blockchains, rather than relying on centralized exchanges or wallets. This approach offers added security and transparency, as it eliminates the need for trusted intermediaries and reduces the risk of potential hacks or mismanagement.

Furthermore, Komainu clients will now have access to ClearLoop’s off-exchange settlement capabilities. Off-exchange settlement refers to the process of executing trades outside traditional exchange platforms. By eliminating the reliance on exchanges, clients can potentially reduce trading costs and gain greater control over their transactions. ClearLoop’s expertise in this area will enable Komainu clients to settle their trades directly, efficiently, and securely.

Additionally, the collaboration between Komainu and ClearLoop brings value to both parties. Komainu gains an added competitive edge by offering its clients access to a wide range of services beyond traditional custody. This expansion allows Komainu to cater to the evolving needs of the digital asset market and enhance its overall value proposition.

ClearLoop, on the other hand, benefits from the partnership by gaining exposure to Komainu’s extensive client base. As a fintech firm specializing in off-exchange settlement, ClearLoop can leverage Komainu’s trusted reputation and existing relationships within the industry to expand its reach and attract new customers. The partnership opens up new growth opportunities for ClearLoop and strengthens its position within the digital asset ecosystem.

Overall, the collaboration between Komainu and ClearLoop marks an exciting development for the digital asset custody and settlement space. By combining the strengths of both firms, Komainu clients will now have access to a comprehensive suite of services that encompass on-chain custody and off-exchange settlement. This holistic approach seeks to empower clients with greater control, security, and efficiency in managing their digital assets.

Looking ahead, this collaboration sets the stage for further innovation and advancements in the digital asset industry. As the market continues to grow and evolve rapidly, partnerships like these will play a crucial role in shaping the future of custody, settlement, and overall asset management. By leveraging new technologies and collaborating across different sectors, firms can unlock unprecedented opportunities and provide clients with innovative solutions that address their unique needs in the digital age.

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