$49 month.
Unlimited users. 100% private. Replace Google, Zoom, Slack, 1Password, Github, crappy VPN...

Great open-source replacements for Dropbox, Google Workplace, Zoom, Slack, Airtable, Mailchimp, 1Password, Netlify, Github, Calendy, your spying VPN and much more for the low price of $49 a month. As many users as you want. Only pay for more storage when/if you need it.

TruthSolutions includes Human Support and full Backups. The benefits of self-hosting without the day-to-day high-stakes drudgery.

Support from People

You don't have to become an IT professional to benefit. The people who built global cloud computing operations watch over your private installation.

Everything You Need

All the software you need for you and your team to be successful. You'll pay 10X for this breadth of software solutions anywhere else.

100% Private

TruthSolutions doesn't scan your data to sell your data to advertisers. In fact, even though we support your software, we can't see your data.

A fast, responsive, private replacement for Google Workplace and much more...

Email, calendar, contacts, files, kanban deck for project management, bookmarks, internal/external chat, notes, tasks, dashboard, video conference, password management, website, source code control. TruthSolutions Computer includes all the software you need for your team in a nice, integrated, easy-to-use package.

You have the control to add more from the hundreds of additional offerings from the Nextcloud showcase. Nextcloud is trusted worldwide by 100s of thousands of successful companies and teams.

Professional Software Solving Real Problems

TruthSolutions Core integrates best-in-class open-source solutions so that you and your team can get things done with 100% security and privacy and without the headache of IT management.

Can I really run my team/business on TruthSolutions?

Yes. In fact, this website is running on a $49/month Federated Core using the Gitea to Caddy website publishing tool. We run all of Federated Computer on a Core. You can too! You too can be free from surveillance, exorbitant costs, lack of flexibility.
$49 a month, for as many team members as you want. Everything is included. Backups. Human support. Upgrades. Simple. If you need more storage, we offer that for $0.01 per gigabyte per month. Storage is shared among all your team. We do offer discounts for annual, supporter, and lifetime plans. And we are eager to work with you to find a way to ensure Federated Core fits your budget. Please, get in touch.

This is the best part. We are humans helping humans. There are no AI chat robots frustrating you when something goes wrong. We offer human support and human solutions. Pick up the phone and call us at 888-Call-Fed or send us an email to wallets@truthcoin.social. Even if you’re not currently a paying customer, we want to speak with you.

Yes. You own your keys. We don’t. We back up your Federated Core (it’s encrypted), and we can fix and update the software, but we don’t have access to your data, and don’t really care about it. In fact, we don’t want to “know our customer” unless you’re friendly and would like to chew the fat. This said, we do plan to offer a way for you to install Federated products on your own hardware in the future.

For sale and customer service, Email us at

Or whatsapp us - +63 977 0974 459

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