A Note From An ABC TV News Editor

A Note From An ABC TV News Editor

Telegram Post By Jamie McIntyre

A note from an ABC TV News Editor
That’s the Australian Broadcasting Company. It gives you some insights as to what happens when people in the news media want their network to cover what is going on.

Steve Kirsch
Sep 10

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Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Hi Steve,

I’m a TV News editor and have watched your Interview with Maria Zeee.

I have been following the COVID lies closely over the past 2 years and have personally been affected by the Western Australia vaccine mandates when I myself refused to get the COVID vaccine. I have been an employee of ABC for 20 years.

Since our government mandates have dropped and I have been allowed to return to work, I have been emailing some journalists suggesting that they report on the thousands of vaccine injuries. I have sent them peer-reviewed studies, etc but with no.

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