How Britain Started the Arab-Israeli Conflict | Free Documentary History

How Britain Started the Arab-Israeli Conflict | Free Documentary History

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How Britain Started the Arab-Israeli Conflict | History Documentary

The bitter struggle between Arab and Jew for control of the Holy Land has caused untold suffering in the Middle East for generations. It is often claimed that the crisis originated with Jewish emigration to Palestine and the foundation of the state of Israel. Yet the roots of the conflict are to be found much earlier – in British double-dealing during the First World War. This is a story of intrigue among rival empires; of misguided strategies; and of how conflicting promises to Arab and Jew created a legacy of bloodshed which determined the fate of the Middle East.

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Good to see people re visiting this story to educate themselves on the history of this terrible conflict.

I was born as Palestinian in ethnic, my ancestors fled Palestine back in 1948, took 3 generations until I have acquired a citizenship for the first time ever, the amount of suffering that my dad myself and all other family members I know of have been through was traumatizing in every scale, every country we fled to during my childhood was horrible.
As I am now in my 40s, for the first time, I have ever gotten to realize that whatever has been going on in the middle east was a huge plot that have been going on for many years.

This is exceptionally well done. My old brain is appreciative that you made this information interesting and easier to comprehend than any I’ve tried to follow before. Your work here should be, at the least, required viewing with history/government classes of this time frame. It’d be great if the high school kids had to watch it now, when the darn fighting between Jews & Palestinians is being turned into full fledged war.

This documentary is so relevant today and helps explain the difficulties still causing so much conflict in the world. Pray for peace!

I now, after many decades, have an understanding of the present war in Israel and what potentially started it, even though issues arose in 1850s. This documentary that bought me clarity. The Balfour Declaration. What a disaster in the making by British politicians. I feel for the native Palastinian Arab people having to leave their home, but also for the Jewish community who was lead somewhere under false premise and now fighting for a place to call home. What a totally screwed up situation. This declaration has lead to the awful circumstances today (2023) with settlement divisions, Hamaz militants, Gaza Strip annexation, Israel politely party lead by B.Netenyahu who won’t sort this out, protestors fighting for their rights etc, and the hundreds of thousands of civilians caught up in this turmoil. What a mess, and sadly so many humans lives are in the hands of the current civilian war. It’s mind boggling.

I have been reading history books to understand the conflict between Arabs and Jews. This is the first edition that makes sense to me because of the quality of the author’s neutrality and honestly. Thank you for being plain about the Brit’s duplicity.

Thank you & good scholarship for the period you are discussing. I would just also look back further a few 1000 years. The roots of the conflict are much older than the past 150 years. It’s well documented & this area has been in dispute since the Roman Empire.

Very informative , top notch academics /commentators. My Uncle was a soldier in Palestine during/after WW2 .

As an Englishman, I am disgusted by these events, and angry to have never been taught of this at school, in history at my grammar school , we delved ad infinitum into the French revolution, but was kept in the dark about this. It is a great shame that we didn’t learn from this, and now face the legacy of our actions.

“If you aren’t careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”
― Malcom X

It’s funny how we get the rawness of history through the windows of documentaries and such a like, but never taught in the educational system.

In history as a story, the cause depends on where you decide to start the story, and whether it has a happy ending depends on where you end the story.

Thank you for this documentary and some people seem to sympathise with one group without analysing the root cause of this hatred and attacks between the two. No one would want to be displaced from their homeland. Not suprised that the owners of the land in way of resist and hopelessness they resorted to taking matters in their own hands due to anger and oppression. Now they are branded as terrorists!
I wonder how someone can explain the massacre in Israel verses the extent of what is happening in Gaza Strip, the destruction, oppression, number of deaths! It is as if what happened on Saturday has given way in disguise to a much awaited wiping out of the citizens who live in Gaza in the name of chasing for Hamas. Very heart breaking and wicked world!!

An excellent presentation which will be of great value to anyone wanting to decipher the very complicated and combustable state of affairs in the Middle East today. The arabs and the jews are still at each other’s throats and there is little chance that this will change. Meanwhile the behind the scenes double dealing continues with others have taken the places of the British and the French.

Some thirty five +odd years ago when I was in junior high school, I remember in our social studies class we were having a discussion about how World War III would start. Most of us were in strong agreement that it would likely stem from the continued conflict(s) in the Middle East. Decades later and this past week I am reminded of that discussion.

Last year visited Egypt and Israel for a church pilgrimage and we went to the West Bank. I was shocked to see the inhumane conditions in which Palestinians live and to learn that they are not allowed to go over to the Old City of Jerusalem. They had been encroached in their Homeland. Very sad and difficult to comprehend. Also, they have been used and deceived by powerful interests in the past and now.

This documentary demonstrates that we, as the people, are clueless when it comes to politics and world affairs.

Very informative and wonderful archive footage of a past era. I do doubt very much the very last comment, disassociating the impact on the present situation.

Good documentary that gives a persuasive explanation for the entanglement of interests that burden the Middle East to this day. It’s ironic if not sad that the area of the western world where civilization began and later scientific inquiry, mathematics, and astronomy developed, would be in the modern era perpetually bogged down in bitter political and religious conflict. It may be that wreaking further death and destruction upon one another is not a viable means to attaining a desirable future for any of the players in this drama.


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