Is the Australian National Review Founder One of the Make Censored Australians and if so Why?

Is the Australian National Review Founder One of the Make Censored Australians and if so Why?

Many have found if they speak out about if the Covid vaccines are as safe, effective, and necessary as claimed by the so-called experts or worse dare mention that it wasn’t an unprovoked invasion by Russia into Ukraine in February but rather an unprovoked illegal armed coup by the United States in 2014, or simply that perhaps all lives matter, then you may have found yourself shadow-banned or worse your accounts deleted.

Many of the freedom movement leaders were canceled over a year ago, such as Jamie McIntyre, the Australian National Review Founder
The Australian National Review is one of the first and largest Independent News Networks accessible in Australia and by far one of the most censored

Many that speak out such as Candace Owens in the US and others have managed to not be deleted off Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, but some like McIntyre have found themselves losing hundreds of thousands of followers from the account being deleted entirely.

He says he has had 4 Facebook and Instagram accounts deleted with a loss of millions of views per month on his videos, and after videos reached 500,000 within weeks on TikTok similar bans were imposed.

He said Twitter was the first to ban him years ago,

He said the question Australians and Westerners should be asking is what is the Government and Big Pharma so scared of that McIntyre and others have to be silenced and censored so heavily.

McIntyre said I would expect many more to cop bans as even the apparent safe haven of Telegram, an encrypted chat that’s popular within anti Government and anti-Globalist supporters, is starting to shadow-ban and delete entire accounts.

He said that’s why he and others set up censor-free social media alternatives last year such as , a Facebook alternative, and a YouTube alternative

It’s gaining tens of thousands of followers as more and more dump Fakebook, Instasham and Screwtube.