More and More Claims are Coming Out that Israel Intelligence May Have Allowed the Attacks to Ensure They Could Start a War

More and More Claims are Coming Out that Israel’s Intelligence May Have Allowed the Attacks to Ensure They Could Start a War

Twitter Post By Jamie McIntyre

More and more claims are coming out that Israel’s Intelligence (or lack of it to ignore or allow such an attack) may have allowed the attacks to ensure they could start a war.

The Globalists that control Israel and the US thus the West, have done false flag attacks before and are more than capable of doing such things and have clear motives.

The only question that remains is, did they?

Considering they had been trying to start WW3 via starting the Ukraine war to target Eastern Ukrainians and Russia, but had clearly failed thanks to Russia, they needed a new avenue. They have been trying to provoke China by pushing Taiwan to be Independent, but China is yet to be baited.

Thus, the Middle East is the next and easiest way to inflame tensions.

The truth will come out, but the idea that the Globalists didn’t create a false flag attack, can’t yet be dismissed.

How could a prepared attack go unnoticed?

It didn’t.
Egyptian Intelligence warned Israel 3 days prior to it being planned.

Why was the attack so brutal and deadly with massive organised PR?

Hamas would generally not be so brutal or want to promote such violence, as it doesn’t help their cause, and much of Hamas didn’t take part. Was there a rogue element of Hamas funded and recruited specifically for such a savage attack upon civilians to create the exact reaction being seen and wanted?

Just like ISIS was paraded to scare Westerners, but turned out it was not just funded but created by the deep state.

They were behind operations such as North wood with planned attacks on American citizens to blame and frame Cuba to then use as a pretext to go to war.

The Pearl Harbour attack was another attack that they provoked, didn’t warn Hawaiians, and ignored warnings of the attack to ensure massive damage to enable the US to rally its population to increase its war effort.

It was allowed and wanted to get the American people to be manipulated to support war.

Who profits from war?

Do we need to mention Sept 11?

The massive intelligence failures. The world’s most defended airspace is unable to defend against multiple commercial aircraft allegedly flown by amateurs with box cutters and perfectly intact passports not even burnt from the wreckage.

The Government and MSM conspiracy theory about Sept 11 is a joke and a 5-year-old can debunk it.

Let’s see what evidence is found regarding the Israel stack (it will be found by citizen journalists and Independent Media, which suggests people don’t take sides) and watch the Globalists controlled media and what they push as the narrative – which is to take sides, and divide to control.

Innocent Israelis and innocent Palestinian citizens are those who suffer, and we should condemn this, and those who are behind it.

And if the world isn’t careful, such outbreaks or violence around the world can erupt.

The Globalists have been forcing mass immigration upon the West, both in Europe and the US and even Australia’, Canada NZ, the UK, etc. Peaceful nations may not remain so for much longer.

Is there a connection to why they have done this?
We know it divides a nation through mass immigration, too fast for assimilation, but is there a more sinister agenda?

Nations that can be divided and provoked by violence from within, are easier to control, especially when the need for martial law and military on the street will be suggested, and targeting anyone with certain beliefs including anyone anti Government or anti Bs MsM false narratives.

Let’s continue to search and seek the truth.
But the Globalists have the capabilities, have done so in the past, and have the motive to have created and funded a false flag attack on Israel, to spark a reason for WW3.
Did they, is the question that remains?
If you had to bet your house, would you bet their shadowy hand had absolutely nothing to do with this, and its predictable actions that follow?
I wouldn’t.

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