The Fall |Russian Breakthrough In Kupiansk. S300 Destroyed In Nikolaev. Military Summary 2023.10.8

The Fall |Russian Breakthrough In Kupiansk. S300 Destroyed In Nikolaev. Military Summary 2023.10.8

By Military Summary

This video describes the military situation in Ukraine on the 8th of October 2023

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Glory Freedom and Victory for the DPR and LPR Russian federation and allied forces

Has anybody listened to Dutch Defence Minister who described the war as a “cheap” way for NATO to weaken Russia?
If I was Ukrainian, I would surrender in disgust at what NATO thinks of Ukrainian lives.

Canada has announced that it will be sending Yaroslav Hunka to Israel to negotiate a peace deal.

Thanks to Dima – for very important updates. Russia is gaining power in Kupyansk. Actually, Russia is gaining power everywhere.

New update in Israel due to a higher than expected loss in ranks in Hamas, an old Palestinian friend of mine and about 15 others were fast promoted. The Hamas military has started shifting gears and actively promoting a more decentralized approach in warfare and engagement. Although few areas are fully under their control as of now, the assault brigades are deep behind Israeli lines and causing some casualties. I hope it gets resolved quickly as this caught even many in other Palestinian brigades offguard and only Hamas aligned brigades are actively fighting with the rest not offering support.

What Ukrainians achieved in 4 months with lots of casualties, the Russians achieved x5 in few days in Blitzkrieg wow

Dima you are good and getting better every day. Today’s episode was the very best: the clear and precise presentation and the passion in your voice were top notch.

While everyone focuses on Israel they forget Russia is out here outperforming Ukraine on every front.

One huge analysis mistake! – Ivano-Darivka. It is not by-passable little village. In my opinion it is the cause of constant battle for Simkovka and the choke point of the whole Seversk area. Because it is large natural high point with both natural caves and intentionally well dug out Ukrainian defenses, trenches and tunnels “with the view”. It dominates the area and is strongly armed, natural fortress. Hence, advance along rails toward Seversk is one of few possible routes (other than roads way further West). Because rails are in deep valley and geographic coincidences make most of it shaded from the Ivano-Darivka heights. Very hard point to by-pass, FAB1500s in numbers may be required to suppress it.

Ukraine destroyed 46 of the 3 Russian tanks on the battlefield.
It was the ghost of Kiev!

In Bakhmut vicinity, the Russian combatants have for many months occupied the high ground at Berkhivka, located 5 kilometers north of Bakhmut.

The good people of Russia, the real not occupied western Israelis support you from their heart, love and respect to our Russian brothers wishing you good luck against the Nazis we not buying the western lies we’re standing by your side!

“Ukraine is winning!” drops a single grenade from a drone into a trench
Russia: removes a trench network with a FAB 1500 “Oh yeah, this is totally Ukraine winning.”

Sellensky on next begging tour: “We need more money to shield ourselves against natural disasters, mostly tornados and a violent storm called Storm-Z.“

A USA Boeing C-17A Globemaster III (military transport) flying from Ramstein base, Germany, now over Greece southwards, destination N/A.
Another USA Boeing C-17A Globemaster III departed from Amman Jordan some hrs ago (was earlier today in the UK) and is flying north-eastwards, probably back to UK, or to USA where it came from at Oct 6.

Ivano-Darivka attacks are not a mystery at all if one looks at a topographical map. Quite extensive igneous rock high ground has a commanding view of the plain to the west.
Of equal significance is the fact that narrow but deep glaciated valleys contain several main railway lines dating from the early 20th century.
Given UA skill in concealment it could be difficult to flush out experiences platoons if they dug in — albeit unable to use large tanks on steep slopes.

The words of Kajsa Ollongren, Dutch Defense Minister: “Supporting Ukraine is a very cheap way to make sure that Russia is not a threat to the NATO alliance.”
Imagine not only calling the hundreds of thousands of lost Ukrainian lives “cheap”, but also exposing the true selfish intentions of NATO. And all that in only one sentence.

By the end of the year, the number of volunteers who have signed a contract with the armed forces of the Russian Federation may increase to 400,000, and I will talk about that on my channel too, since the ever-increasing flow of manpower into the ranks of the Russian Defense Forces certainly reduces to zero the likelihood of the need for mobilization in the Russian Federation, while the Ukrainian side practically exhausted the mobilization resource.

The BIG news all along the front is the Russian Army mauling of the Uke forces into oblivion with massive Uke losses resulting!


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