32-Year-Old SNL Comedian “Dies Suddenly” After Mocking Anti Vaxxers

32-Year-Old SNL Comedian “Dies Suddenly” After Mocking Anti Vaxxers

By Salty Cracker

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Fake News
One thing we all can bet on is this guy will still be voting democrat during the next elections

John D
I feel terrible for all the innocent little ones who are forced to take this toxin by those who take care of them (I’m trying to be cripted here to avoid getting cancelled).

Jo Palmer
At the end of the article talking about his death from “unknown causes”, his family asked for people to donate to Planned Parenthood in his memory. Wow, what a legacy; it’s like his family saying “it’s not enough for just our son to die – let’s proudly take out the unborn as well! That’ll ease our loss!”

Steve Harris
A dear elderly friend of mine died about 2 weeks ago from blood clots that they couldn’t explain. He was such a good man,always cheerful and helpful. I’m so,so sad. His wife is now in a nursing home. Both of them were coerced into getting the secret sauce.

rob nunurbiznezz
Never heard of the guy. Sad that he stupidly fell for the lies. He was an adult and adults must make their own choices. He made his. The ones you should really feel for are those that were forced into vaccination for job related reasons. No amount of money will compensate for longterm health issues or death.

The Led Zeppelin
All elected people should wear Nascar uniforms like the drivers so we can identify their corporate sponsors.

The fact that uncensored media has the truth yet people still believe the unmitigated msn is quite disturbing.

There was also that female comedian who had a stroke RIGHT as she was mocking anti-vaxxers. The audience even thought it was part of the joke which delayed treatment response by a few extra minutes!

Joe M. Lemos Jr.
It’s amazing to me how spot on you are, Salty. Everyone around me at work are sick AF, and they are the ones who ran out to get the lefty sauce! NOT ME!

Aa Zz
Back in April I went to my local urgent care to just pay a bill. The nut case behind the desk insisted I wear a mask for the 60 seconds it would take me to run my debit card. Even though she had one on was sitting behind a plexiglass barrier and from her behavior I assume was vaxed herself. Told her to piss off I would never be back and mailed in a money order.

Totally normal to have a heartattack at 30 years old. I wonder what new thing was forcefully put onto us within the last year

John Smith
Honestly, it was his best joke ever! He leads into it all mocking us and such, making it sound like he us better and then, for the punch line, he kills himself with it to show it really is deadly! I mean that takes dedication and I for one give him a round of applause!

And the best part of this is that this guy’s parents asked everyone to make donations to abortion clinics and Planned Parenthood in his passing…the comedy writes itself at this point.

Chronic Grace
Last week we just lost a dear family friend who was a young vibrant HEALTHY active woman. Oddly she had just gotten yet another Booster and her little boy found her in bed the very next morning. They declared that she died of Covid but she wasn’t even sick! She got her booster, went back to work, went home and had a normal evening and went to bed and just didn’t wake up. My adult daughter got vaxxed and ended up with autoimmune and a thyroid tumor. She wanted to vax my grandkids but thank God the kids were smart enough to refuse it.

Original Source: https://youtu.be/0qIGXj6wi3A