Australia’s Medical System Is a Sick Joke as Experienced by Our Own ANR Senior Reporter

Australia’s Medical System Is a Sick Joke as Experienced by Our Own ANR Senior Reporter

By ANR Senior Reporter Wayne Crouch

The situation is laughable…. for the many people who know me as ANR News reporter Wayne Crouch viewers know I sport a rather dodgy smile after having been treated for long-term cancer that was left undiagnosed and untreated for five years.

Sadly I self-diagnosed and had to find a Dr that would take me seriously never having the test I needed to find cancer until I basically said no more send me somewhere else find it now or I’m dead.

After a fine needle test, I was told I had throat cancer and it was in an advanced staging and at this point visible from a glance.

The Dr told me I was right all along and how guilty and sorry she felt that they had missed it and not taken my fears seriously.

Eventually, that is…

At first, it was like being told I had won something “you’re right you do have cancer likely been their years” I knew full well 5 years of suffering waiting for death then another year with treatment trying to get me sorted which finally left me in remission.

So does it end there?

No, because I was left so long the chemotherapy and level of radiation that it took to revert cancer caused radio necrosis and left me with a dead jaw bone that rots away like food scraps and is falling apart.

Some days the pain is manageable enough I already suffer after being crushed between two cars an accident that left me with partial paralysis and tore all the nerves out of the back of my skull and catastrophically destroyed the ulnar nerve in my left arm.

But most days without high doses of morphine Norspan gabapentin the oil and anti-inflammatory drugs I find between the spinal damage nerve damage and chronic pain radiating from my now partially deceased jaw and crumbling wrecked teeth I have days where I am unable to rise from my bed.

When I can keep up with Dr visits this is my life I live every day and I manage better than most anybody could be using the pain to push myself to do what I need to do rather than fold on myself in pity.

However as many of my medications are needing government approval at every script and are drugs that are zero repeats that they must approve each time,

Long term I will be and am tied to the Drs who almost killed me with their negligence.

This brings me to now…

I have spent two weeks withdrawing from what for some would be dangerous levels of multiple class 8 drugs with pain heightened and exaggerated to the point where I can no longer drive myself and am struggling just to walk.

Did I decide to dump the meds?

No, sadly I am too damaged for that to be a choice.

Why am I doing this to myself?

Because the covid shots do not work.

What the hell does a fake covid vaccine gotta do with this?

All of the remaining Drs that were left in practice were morons that poisoned themselves with the fake vaccine and my entire Drs surgery usually many Drs is down to one Dr the rest all have covid or are in “storm” after being challenged by the flu with a destroyed immune system.

So because my medication needs to be supplied by someone who knows and grasps what and where I’m at.

Basically, a whole new treatment plan tests the lot with another Dr and a month of driving hours at a time for tests.

Or suffer another 12 days if my Dr gets better and wait till she returns.

You cannot have this happen ever it is beyond a joke these stupid morons have destroyed the medical system a lesser-minded and weaker individual would likely commit suicide if they had to deal with a tenth of my pain.

And no I have been in agony since 2010 with chronic nerve pain and I ain’t going anywhere will never do that period the New World Order will need to put a bullet in my head or old age gets me.

So this is where I ask the question.

Once we get through this dark winter that they caused with their poison.

Will any of these moron Drs finally work out that they were the reason we had to live through it?

Will they put something in place so people like me are not left to fall through their covid cracks?

You cannot get class 8 meds online will it get sorted for people like myself?

Wayne Crouch
ANR News



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“For those that know me, you know asking for help through all this has been something I’ve struggled with but this is the end of this finally and I’m desperate for it to be done with so I can keep fighting a bit longer.

I’m very grateful to the people who have already helped any share or support is appreciated.”

Wayne Crouch

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