Brave Doctors SPEAK OUT to Reclaim Medicine

Brave Doctors SPEAK OUT to Reclaim Medicine

By Avi Yemini

A newly-formed medical union gathered in Melbourne at the weekend in a bid to RECLAIM MEDICINE from the tight grip of political control. The message from BRAVE DOCTORS who attended was clear: KEEP POLITICS OUT of medicine.

Here’s what others had to say:

Peter James
Great people who actually care for their patients and stand up for honesty and truth, well done to you all.

Alex Burrows
Finally Thank God! I have been utterly disgusted and appalled by the abject complicity among the medical professionals throughout the west. This isn’t limited to medicine either. All good people need to stand together and reject this wickedness.

Sean Delap
We need more good doctors speaking out against all the phonies that have ruined millions of lives.

Mickey Rider
Great news to hear the doctors are getting organised and waking up, there is hope!

Con T
This is brilliant, we need more people to stand against tyranny…. Thank you to these doctors.

Noel Rogan
Well done to these brave we need to hold everyone of these government’s around the world accountable for crimes against humanity.

Gregory Adorian
This is good to witness. I had lost faith in doctors almost completely, this give me hope.

follow the sapper
I’m so proud of these doctors. They are taking a big risk coming out like this. I just googled this and not a skerrick from the main stream media.

Craft WolZip
What an amazing group of medical Professionals! This is fantastic I hope ALL countries follow this example of TRUE Doctors and medical personnel!!! Love & support from the UK.

I had a doctor in Melbourne spend almost 30 mins trying to convince me to get the jab. Unfortunately for him I had clear answers for every question of his and his response was always “huh, I can’t argue with that”. He eventually gave up and showed me the door like I had been wasting his time, more like the other way around.

ingeborg postelnik
Avi again displays that he is a top notch reporter: medical profession standing up against oppression is an excellent start to reclaim rational thinking and behaviour.

Finally, some doctors with ethics but I still can’t see a time when I will ever trust doctors or nurses ever again.


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