Deep Informant Inside the CDC

Deep Informant Inside the CDC

By Steve Kirsch

There are two things I was surprised to learn.

This is NOT my informant. W. Mark Felt died in 2008.

My email to nearly 300 CDC employees paid off. One of them responded on a secure channel and I can now ask questions and get answers.

Here are two things I learned:

  1. He believes that everyone at the CDC is drinking the Kool-Aid. In other words, as far as he knows, they all truly believe the vaccines are safe and effective, just like my blue-pilled friends. Even the top people. If there are any dissenters, they aren’t speaking up internally. How does this happen? It’s group-think. What happens to critical thinkers? They leave. I thought for sure people like Tom Shimabukuro and John Su knew what they were doing, but they are clueless. They are just like my academic doctor friends: they truly believe that vaccines are safe and I’m nuts. Wow. Just wow. I still don’t know (yet) how they can just brush off my point that they never point out the VAERS under-reporting factor during their presentations. However, it’s true they really believe there is no corruption and no need to protect whistleblowers. Check out this comment.
  2. My Substack is blocked at the CDC. It is considered “unsafe.”

You can’t make this stuff up. You really can’t.

A vaccine that has killed hundreds of thousands of Americans is “safe” and my Substack is “unsafe.” Wow.

My leaker can’t go public because she’d be attacked and marginalized by the press.

The best way to crack this open is with a US Senator who will pursue this

That Senator of course is Ron Johnson.

Based on what I’m seeing and in talking with other people, I think the best way to help him get re-elected is with the support of Democrats in Wisconsin.

So this is really important:

If you are reading this and you are a Democrat in Wisconsin, please register here if you are willing to help out.

And even if you aren’t a Democrat in Wisconsin, you can register here to register your skills. The more people registered, the better.

From what I know now, this may be the single best thing we can do.

If you work at the CDC, FDA, or NIH and want to chat…

I can always use additional sources inside the HHS agencies.

Use the Contact Me form and leave your protonmail account so I can talk to you anonymously without jeopardizing your identity.

My discussion with Lara Logan

The problem we face is getting any visibility in the mainstream press. I just got off the phone with former 60 Minutes journalist Lara Logan. She cannot get any of her former friends to cover the Israeli safety story because it is counter-narrative. I asked, “What reason do they give?” She said it is a variety of “excuses” like “too busy,” “not in my area,” etc. The issue is the reporters actually believe the vaccines are safe and effective so they don’t want to do anything that would create “vaccine hesitancy.”

I asked her, “So how do we crack this?”

She said it is very very difficult. If it were easy, it would have been done long ago.

For example, Andrew Wakefield had very damaging insider information from the CDC where the leaker was caught on tape, and it went nowhere.

In other news…

Today is the last day to join Dr. Henry Ealy’s fight to get a Special Grand Jury to investigate Walensky, Becerra, and other individuals at these institutions. It takes about 15 seconds to sign the petition:

Here are some other things I learned recently

  1. Hundreds of doctors are leaving Kaiser in disgust about what is going on. If you are a Kaiser doctor and are willing to talk to me off the record, please use the Contact Me form.
  2. Also heard from a nurse that other nurses “disappear” for long periods… She thinks these nurses are vaccine injured.
  3. I heard that at Kaiser, they are now seeing new young patients with cancer at the rate of once a day. Before the vaccines, it was a few times a year.
  4. Pilots on Southwest are NOT required to be vaccinated. They are giddy over this. Two of the pilots talked with one of our VSRF members today about all the health issues they’ve heard about from pilots at other airlines.


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