Doctors With Voices #13 Elizabeth Hart, [Not a Doctor]

Doctors With Voices #13 Elizabeth Hart, [Not a Doctor]

By Royal Australian


14 years ago her dog became ill due to being over-vaccinated by her vet.
This started a journey into vaccine efficacy and big pharmacy corruption.
This lady is truly inspiring.

Here’s what others had to say:

Corruption from the top down. Time to purge the swamp of this scum.

Totally loved everything you spoke about, face * book on the other hand not so!

My dog went downhill after a vaccine. To be fair, he was already old. In retrospect, it wasn’t smart to vaccinate him at that age. I regret that decision, but they pushed it so hard.

Thank you for all you do to bring light to the tyrants comitting human rights attrocities.

Covid is a smoke screen for radiation sickness (5G).

Hulton needs to b hung like the rest of them.


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