Every Country With High Injection Rates Is the Same

Every Country With High Injection Rates Is the Same

Chile is facing the worst moment in the pandemic with more than 8,000 daily infections in the last few days and intensive care bed occupancy at 95%, Anadolu Agency reported on 4 August. The country also has one of the highest per capita Covid infection rates in the world. It has so far registered more than one million total cases and nearly 24,000 deaths, according to the running tally of US-based Johns Hopkins University.

Chile was the first Latin American nation to start its vaccination program. Delivering around 225,000 doses a day, the country has supplied vaccines to more than seven million people since 24 December. The nation is among the global leaders in vaccination only outpaced by Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

Why Chile breaks vaccination and infections records? Anadolu Agency, 4 August 2022

There have been numerous warnings that the experimental mRNA injections, the so-called Covid vaccines, modify the human genome, that they are gene therapy and not a “vaccine.” Covid injections are mutagenic, meaning they permanently alter human DNA.  As we read through this article it may be worthwhile recalling that in February Chile’s Senate passed a bill to protect mutants and genetically modified individuals against discrimination in the workplace.

The Daily Sceptic reported that a large fraction of the Covid injections given in Chile – 72% – were Sinovac and another 25% were Pfizer. Sinovac Biotech’s Covid vaccine is called CoronaVac which is an inactivated vaccine. According to Medical News Today, it uses a dead version of the SARS-CoV-2 virus so that it cannot replicate, but it keeps the surface spike protein intact to trigger the body’s immune system to create antibodies for protection against the live virus.  Setting aside the other harmful ingredients various “vaccines” may contain and the origins of the spike protein, it is known that the spike protein not only causes disease but also alters human DNA.

The harms from the spike protein are not publicised as part of the “official narrative.” So, what does the official narrative claim? While Sinovac is said to be less effective than the Western-made ones, the World Health Organisation claims it’s “100% effective” against severe disease and hospitalisation. And a study carried out in Chile itself reported effectiveness against hospitalisation of 88% and effectiveness against death of 86%.

From 1 June, those who did not meet the mandatory requirements announced by the Chilean Ministry of Health had their Mobility Pass blocked. “Tomorrow, 1 June, the fourth dose is incorporated as a criterion for the Mobility Pass,” said the Minister of Health, Begoña Yarza.

On 16 June, Reuters reported that Chilean President Gabriel Boric suspended in-person activities for the remainder of the week due to a viral infection and side effects from a fourth dose of the coronavirus vaccine. Reuters made no mention of whether his Mobility Pass had been blocked but possibly not as Boric had met the “mobility” requirement of the fourth dose.

In a Twitter thread a few days ago, PLC again highlighted the high infection rates and deaths in highly vaccinated Chile and asked some sensible questions:

Chile is the 2nd most vaccinated nation on Earth (3.2 does per person!!). Yet all-cause mortality remains extraordinarily high.

What explains the persistence of excess death in Chile, despite widespread prior infection and essentially universal vaccination + boosters?

Through week 29, total deaths in Chile are actually higher in 2022 than they were in 2020 – before vaccines, before any natural immunity.

Why has the world’s second most robust vaccination program not brought deaths back to normal?

Why have cases exploded in Chile during Omicron, especially compared to the two least vaccinated nations in South America?  Does mass vaccination prevent natural immunity?

Continued excess deaths in Chile after mass infection, mass vaccination & boosting must be explained: are these lockdown-induced? Have the vaccines failed? Is this due to delayed medical treatment? Deaths of despair? Vaccine injuries? Are Chileans especially susceptible to Covid?

Where do public health officials place the blame for the highest infection rates in the world and 95% ICU occupancy as reported by Anadolu Agency?  According to health officials, it’s due to the easing of Covid restrictions.

Claudia Cortes, vice president of the Chilean Society of Infectious Diseases, told Anadolu Agency that the government eased restrictions “excessively” after imposing very strict quarantines. In January, the country created a permit system for Chileans to go on their summer vacation that goes from December to March. The health minister acknowledged in March that the risks of taking the summer vacation were not effectively communicated to the people.

And their solution? The recent increase in cases triggered a new series of strict measures that have restricted the mobility of nearly 14 million people.

Original Source: https://expose-news.com/2022/08/15/chile-high-icu-bed-occupancy-and-high-excess-mortality/