Situation Update, Oct 13, 2022 – Food Inflation Hits 40%, Global VAX Fraud Unraveling by the Day

Situation Update, Oct 13, 2022 – Food Inflation Hits 40%, Global VAX Fraud Unraveling by the Day

By Health Ranger Report

0:00 Chaos

5:55 VAX fraud

8:08 France

10:05 Alex Jones

18:33 Economic News

27:45 Food Inflation

31:33 Western Medicine

41:52 Paul Preston

1:35:45 Russia

– Vegetable prices spike 40% in a year
– Other foods increase 20%, 30% as inflation goes INSANE
– Covid lockdown babies show cognitive decline
– French politician says Macron is NOT vaccinated, all a fraud
– Jury award in Alex Jones RIGGED trial is a travesty of justice
– US economy will lose 175,000 jobs A MONTH in 2023 and beyond
– Biden to DESTROY US industrial base by banning aluminum from Russia
– #Silver coins about to be completely WIPED OUT of all inventory
– Russia issues civil defense warning to prepare for radiological events
– Entire UK medical system on verge of collapse as doctors FLEE
– “Queerfest” Halloween drag event pushed on children, sponsored by gender surgery clinic
– Moderna claims new mRNA injection will REPAIR your damaged heart
– Interview with Paul Preston, founder of New California State movement

Here’s what others had to say:

John Kings
Blacks. Always being used for destruction. So brainwashed and manipulated by fake propaganda and media to hate on eachother. Wow! This goes the same with many other people and race. They have been brainwashed to hate on the good conservative patriotic Christian whites as well. Pretty pathetic.

Seems to me the Government had a hand in destroying the families by driving out the Father so the Mother could receive welfare. Destroy the family, destroy the Nation. Yup, the Government is our ‘friend’.

Sean Fitzpatrick
Black countries literally look like dumps trash mountains all over! Warlords constant civil wars decapitations rapes its chaos violence destruction. Looks like they are just getting back to their roots…

The U.S. is not a racist country. This last push to pit one race against another is a blatant attempt by the globalists, including Sorros in particular, to bring chaos in America. This has been planned FOR YEARS. Look into it and get the facts before letting yourself be manipulated.
Lots of blacks see this and are against this but just like everything else- if it doesn’t fit the globslists’ message then it doesn’t get covered by the MSM.
One recent example was Conye West showing up at the Paris fashion shows wearing a White Lives Matter sweatsheart. He got kicked off of the social media platforms because he explained that BLM was a huge scam and meant for discord etc. He blamed the globalists for all that we know they are doing, so GoldmanSachs and/or Bank of America (can’t recall which) closed his accounts and said they didn’t want his business.
Additionally, Candace Owens has a new documentary coming out exposing BLM. “The Greatest Lie Ever Told.”
Let’s not fall into fear and hate like they want you to do. Stand up and fight against evil.

Dawnie Rotten
RE: “Grow Back New Blood Vessels…….” (NEW mRNA ‘vaccine’)

Dawnie Rotten
In a NON-WORD word……DUH!!!! NONE of the ‘Higher-ups’ in Govt (no matter the country) DRANK THEIR OWN KOOL-AID (aka POISON)!!!!!! As ANY SANE HUMAN thought, from the beginning…….they GOT SALINE SHOTS!! SO……when ‘they’ spew, in the FAKE NEWS, that so-and so (Justin Castro, Fraud-Fauci, Gavin SoyBoy Newsome, et al) has ‘GOT COVID’…….ONLY HUMANS (those with a FUNCTIONING BRAIN) knows that this is A LIE!!

New Moderna mRNA vaccine: this is being touted for inducing angiogenesis. Many tumors are starved by cutting off their ability to grow blood vessels. So, this mRNA vaccine fixer-upper may possibly induce some sub-cancerous cells to become full-fledged tumors. I don’t see any problems there, do you?

TheMask Ritual
The world is being controlled by the Kosher Nostra. The same group who starved to death 30 million RussiannChristians to death about 100 or so yrs ago. The United States is being run by the SynagogueOfSatan under the Biden admin. Look at his appointees. Jews have dual citizenship! The Biden admin should not be in any office because their loyalty is not to America.

Bill Sanders
As Chris Rock so eloquently stated, “I love black people, but I HATE n!ggerz.” Me too. The video at the beginning is their culture. It’s what they ARE. The 10% that are civilized and behave like white people are fine. The other 90% are uncivilized criminals. They belong in a zoo or on a reservation, like the savages they are. Segregation was a huge mistake. Racial integration = spreading the chaos and evil inherent in black culture to whites. Infecting our children, our language, our laws, our churches – everything. Time to repent. Undo it all. Expose it and punish it.


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