Do You Really Know What’s in Your Water?

Do You Really Know What’s in Your Water?

By Humanley

Possibly one of the best things you can do for your health, is to get a high quality water filtration system and a water structuring device. Water straight out of the tap is toxic, contaminated and unstructured.

Here’s what I do with my water. I source my water from a local spring, high in the mountains. The higher in the mountains it is, the less likely it is to be polluted as it moves down stream. I then filter it through a Big Berkey water filter, which uses gravity fed, carbon, water purification elements, that remove 99.99% of impurities and heavy metals, whilst leaving in the minerals. I also have a fluoride and arsenic attachment which further purifies the water. If you can’t source water from a spring, the Berkey systems are fantastic at purifying tap water as the next best thing.

There are also whole house systems available which purify and structure all of the water coming in to your house. Listen to my podcast (Episode 4) with Professor Marc Cohen about this. Did you know that when you have a shower, the chlorine is vaporised and when inhaled, goes in to your lungs, and then directly into your blood stream? This goes without saying but inhaling chlorine vapour is not good for your health. I don’t have a whole house water purification system yet, but maybe one day soon.

The Humanley Podcast – Episode 4 – Dr. Marc Cohen

The water I drink comes from a natural underground spring, so it is likely to already be relatively well structured. However, I do have a water structuring device which vortexes the water and mimics water flow through a stream. I use a water vortexing jug from:

Water structuring devices can be expensive. If you’re tossing up between a water filter or structuring device, then get a filter, it’s more important in my opinion. You can make your own water structuring device by gluing two bottle caps together, filling up a bottle, and screwing the bottle caps on top. Screw in an empty bottle on the other end and then stand it up. As the water flows from the full bottle on top into the empty bottle below, it will create a vortex and structure your water. It’s cheap, easy, and simple.

If you haven’t ever looked into structured water, then listen to my podcast (Episode 8) with Professor Gerald Pollack.

The Humanley Podcast – Episode 8 – Prof. Gerald Pollack

I recently interviewed Rivka Green (episode 33), a clinical neuropsychologist about her research into the health risks associated with fluoride, yet another contaminant found in many water supplies around the world.

Episode 33: Rivka Green – Focusing on Fluoride

Do you really know what’s in your water? Watch this video, because it will really open your eyes as to just how toxic and polluted tap water is.

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