Continues to Rapidly Improve Its Censor Free Social Media Platforms With Upgrades Continues to Rapidly Improve Its Censor Free Social Media Platforms With Upgrades

By Staff Reporter continues to rapidly improve its censor-free social media platforms with upgrades. has completed another upgrade to its fast-growing platforms, improving its layout and ease of use, all thanks to user feedback.

A spokesperson for TruthGroup, who owns the platform and numerous others including its YouTube alternative in, said its developers are constantly making small and even major improvements, largely thanks to the user’s feedback which we appreciate greatly she said.

Facebook never got to this standard of a platform within 6 months of a soft launch, so we are happy with the progress, even if it takes longer often than we’d like. However there are many more exciting features including video chat, find your Facebook friends features, and others coming soon to make the transition for users from Facebook to Truthbook even easier and faster.
Many don’t realise we have our own marketplace growing, our own cryptocurrency soon to be listed ( which Facebook tried but failed with theirs) that can be used for the marketplace, subscriptions and boosting posts, and paid to advertise.

We’ve recently launched Truthchat, a messenger-style app, to make communicate with your friends and groups much easier, which is also now on App stores.

We have fixed upgrades for users who haven’t been able to in recent weeks to upgrade to Pro, and need only 5% of users to pay to use the upgraded features to fund operations to be able to provide free user accounts to millions.
It took Facebook over a decade to generate much revenue as it’s a purely and as-based model where many are happy to pay a small subscription for enhanced features such as no friends limit and booster reach.

We recently reached 150,000 posts on our platform, as Facebook users continue to flock in their thousands monthly to Truthbook.

People should not underestimate the white-hot anger many have over Facebook and other platforms, censoring them and effectively lying to users that the deadly Covid jabs were safe, despite the evidence highlighting the massive deaths and injuries worldwide, the spokesperson went on to say.

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