Finishes Its Software Upgrade To Improve Its Apps and User Experience and To Handle Further Growth Finishes Its Software Upgrade To Improve Its Apps and User Experience and To Handle Further Growth

By USA Tomorrow

Truthbook.Social finishes its software upgrade to improve its apps and user experience and to handle further growth.

This is good news for censor free social media fans and those who support Free Speech.

To date 80% of users have joined via the website, but now the apps are de-bugged this is expected to change mostly to IOS app downloads and to a lesser extent Android downloads.

Even though Truthbook.Social is still in soft launch it’s had almost 35,000 users join and close to 150,000 posts made already.

It will soon start marketing to onboard more users steadily to not overload the system where Trump’s social media platform did and has caused a long waiting list and difficult user experience.

Here is google listings for the Truthbook.Social app

As mainstream media dies, Truth Group and its platforms rise. Alternate independent media and alternate social media is booming. Every billion in market cap they lose is for the Truth Group to gain.

An array of Truth Group new apps, designed to replace the major social media networks, under the one brand the “Truth” Brand created by the “Truth Group” include TruthTweet (a Twitter alternative), TruthTok (a Tiktok alternative), TruthTube (YouTube alternative), (a censor-free search engine), TruthGram (Telegram alternative). Instagram alternative),  TruthMeet (Zoom like conferencing), TruthApps (whats app alternative) and TruthChat (a messenger alternative), all designed to be censor-free, and with many being designed, so that a post to one, can be sent automatically to many.

Truthcoin is the currency to be used by the Truth Group new apps, and it will be listed on selected crypto exchanges in late June 2022,to enable supporters to pre-purchase subscriptions, ads and use the marketplace with TruthGroup and other merchants. Truthcoin set to launch its payment system TruthPay and list early June on Crypto Exchanges as TruthPay and TRP as its Exchange Ticker.
Truth Coin is a large supporter of independent media and “Take back Our World” objectives.

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