Worldwide Warning 2022

Worldwide Warning 2022

By America’s Frontline Doctors



This is a MUST SEE video to really understand what is going on in the world today and what has been going on behind the scenes for a century. It is actually gut-wrenching and hard to wrap your mind around, BUT it is TRUE!!

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Outstanding!!! Excellent video!! Thank you for all the effort…there is tremendous information, compelling reality, and references to back it up.
I pray every person sees the truth!

We need plain and simple info. No fear mongering. Just tell it like it is. 2 hours is a long time to watch for many who are trying to put food on the table and work all day. They won’t watch for hours why we are having family members not listen.

I still have friends and family members who think we will be going back to normal without a fight. They believe there is nothing new happening here. It’s mortifying on a grand scale.

I know a lot of this is true because I’ve seen the references, even the stuff that seems far fetched, but the videos delivery will probably turn some away.The music makes this video hard to hear and also makes it seem it is nothing but fear mongering. Less music and more reference citing.

The comment is my truth, if you cant handle it that’s your problem not mine… snowflake. Your a bit too sensitive then you should go back to watching the highly produced “fake news” and “harvey wienstien” and “MGM” movies made by the elites of the world…if that’s what you “require” … the reality is “truth” sometimes maybe “ugly” and “imperfect” because its made by a few people and not backed by trillion dollar companies.. And no if THIS is what you feel the urge to have to write about on this film then yes you TOTALLY missed the point of the film. This film is about the INFORMATION it provides to the people… Sorry but if your not a part of the solution you just a part of the problem. This isn’t a blockbuster. its trying to spread the truth. If you cant handle or want to hide the truth you part of the problem and can piss off. We need warriors not you.

This is a well researched and well put together video.
If, after watching this, you still take the vax, you know what is coming next. You are complicit.

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