You Are Worth $182 to Google, $158 to Facebook and $733 to Amazon!

You Are Worth $182 to Google, $158 to Facebook and $733 to Amazon!

By Nidhi Shah

Did you ever imagine how much would you (as a user) be worth to some of the companies whose products you use on a regular basis? How much does Facebook, Google, Twitter or LinkedIn value you in dollar terms, whether you’re a product manager or a nurse practitioner?

The folks at cost information website, How Much, have broken down what each one user using the services of these companies is worth to that company in their latest article, which we’ve summarized below for your convenience.

They calculated this by taking the number of active users and dividing that number by the company’s market capitalization – the number of shares multiplied by the price of each share.

#1 Google’s each user is worth $182

Market cap of biggest tech companies

The web giant, Google has a market cap of $364 billion and 2 billion active users. But Google generates 90% of their revenue from advertising.

#2 Facebook’s each user is worth $158

Facebook market cap

The social network giant, Facebook has a market cap of $227 billion and 1.4 billion users—which makes you worth a whooping $158.

#3 Twitter’s each user is worth $81

How much money does tech companies make?

That blue birdie is more than 140 characters. Twitter has a market cap of $24 billion with a user base of 302 million.

#4 LinkedIn’s each user is worth $69

How much money does Linkedin makes?

With a market cap of $24 billion and 364 million users, every job aspirant and professional adds $69 to Linkedin.

#5 Yahoo’s each user is worth $70

What is the profit of biggest tech companies?

This news site cum online gaming platform cum search engine cum email service (etc.) has a market cap of $42 billion with 600 millions users who are worth $70.

#6 Amazon’s each user is worth $733

profit of big tech companies

Jaw dropped! Yes, that’s how much you are worth to the eCommerce company. Amazon has a market cap at $198 billion, but it’s active user count is only 270 million, that’s why the user worth is too high.

#7 Ebay’s each user is worth $474

profit of e-commerce companies

The buy-sell bidding auction mogul has a market cap of $71 billion with 152 million users. People giving eBay various cuts of their payments is another source of income for this e-commerce giant.

#8 Alibaba’s each user is worth $621

How e-commerce companies make profit?

Next time you shop at this Chinese e-commerce company you will recall your 3-digit value to the company. Alibaba has a market cap of $217 billion with 350 million users.

#9 Yelp’s each user is worth $25

how much profit Yelp makes

The online business directory makes most of their money by selling ads to businesses. So, users valued each at $25— isn’t very surprising. The company has a market cap of $3 billion with 142 million users.

#10 Groupon’s each user is worth $28

Tech companies market cap

The online coupon app startup has a market cap of $4 billion with 160 million users. Now you know what they get in return when they offer you those deep discounts on a product or a service.

#11 Zynga’s each user is worth $28

user base of popular tech companies

The social gaming company sits at the bottom, with a market cap of $2.7 billion (lowest the list), and a shrinking user base of 100 million —which makes a user’s value of $28.

Editor’s Note:

As mainstream media dies, Truth Group and its platforms rise. Alternate independent media and alternate social media is booming. Every billion in market cap they lose is for the Truth Group to gain.

An array of Truth Group new apps designed to replace the major social media networks under the one brand the “Truth” Brand created by the Truth Group include TruthTweet (a Twitter alternative), TruthTok (a Tiktok alternative), TruthTube (YouTube alternative), (a censor-free search engine), TruthGram (Telegram alternative) TruthPix (Instagram alternative),  TruthMeet (zoom like conferencing), TruthApps (whats app alternative) and TruthChat (a messenger alternative), all designed to be censor-free, and with many being designed, so that a post to one, can be sent automatically to many.

Some of the Apps are launched already, such as the alternative to Facebook with tens of thousands of users already posted over 100,000 posts in its short time since soft launch, with many becoming available soon.

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