Australian Greens Support Same Farming Policies That Crippled Sri Lanka and Want Us to Starve

Australian Greens Support Same Farming Policies That Crippled Sri Lanka and Want Us to Starve

In the midst of protests from farmers worldwide about the WEF wanting to cripple food production so they can introduce their own version of soylent, Australian parliament has resumed and carbon emissions are top priority apparently.

In among it, food production is in the crosshairs. Heading over to the Greens policy website reveals they support the exact same bullshit agriculture policies that destroyed Sri Lanka and is being forced on every country simultaneously:

2. Assistance for farmers to implement sustainable and regenerative agricultural systems and practices that restore and improve soil health, carbon storage, water quality, water use efficiency and biodiversity.

3. To assist farmers to minimise or eliminate the use of harmful pesticides and fertilisers.

4. To support farmers to reduce emissions, including through reducing usage of fossil fuels and nitrogen fertilisers, and supporting research and changing practices to reduce livestock emissions.

5. To foster community-based decision making and empower and resource Australia’s rural communities to implement sustainable agricultural systems and address climate change and soil and water degradation.

TL;DR starve, you kulak peasants. The eat the bugs propaganda is really hitting all-time highs as well.

The food shortages are a control mechanism and designed partially as a wealth transfer to keep the middle class poor and to steal land. In my view, it’s also a sinister motive to cause even further mass migration into western countries as hungry third worlders starve by insane commodities prices.

Why do you think they really built the currently unused quarantine camps for?

Expect diversity by the boatload under the guise of starvation.

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