Col. Doug MacGregor: Mossad Failed Because They are Engaged in Ukraine, Israel Shipped Enormous Quantities of 155mm Artillery Munitions to the Kiev Regime

Col. Doug MacGregor: Mossad Failed Because They are Engaged in Ukraine, Israel Shipped Enormous Quantities of 155mm Artillery Munitions to the Kiev Regime

Can the US Support Two Wars? w/Col Doug Macgregor

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Thank you both. “NATO will collapse and I’m not sure the EU can survive this.” At last some good news to look forward to.

As a Brit I confirm that most are still snoring loudly, blissfully unaware to what our criminal government are up to. There are many of us who are shouting loudly but are WEF government will not listen…when did they ever listen…..As usual a great informative programme.

“Oppressed people cannot remain oppressed forever. The yearning for freedom eventually manifests itself.”

Great point Colonel about the people of Britain getting a grip of their Government. Sadly and worryingly, many of us here see the danger ahead with further UK involvement on the ground in Ukraine. The main problems are as follows. The UK political opposition are completely inept. We largely have a Uni-party dichotomy here too. The Scottish Independence campaign, Brexit, Covid and now the ongoing political turmoil in Northern Ireland are important distractions / debacles which continue to drain all political capital and trust from the population. UK is just as divided, if not more, than our cousins in United States. Perhaps more significantly, the UK mainstream media is entirely co-opted into the Governments propaganda machine. The BBC leads the way in flag-waving and either by omission or illogical bias against reality; keeps the general population in ignorant bliss of the real dangers resulting from our failed and failing foreign policies. This re-enforces the crucial role that independent media such as Judging Freedom plays in bringing objectivity, open debate and truth to people all over the World. Sadly, “awakened wonders” that follow Russell Brand, George Galloway, Judge Napolitano etc are in the minority. The good news is that ratio can only improve. Keep up the great work!

Don’t forget to add Taiwan/China war. Since the United States have been preaching that they would fully support Taiwan if a conflict broke out. The United States needs to deal with its own problems, conflicts, and chaos instead of interfering in any other country’s issues!

in 73 the Israelis knew, from a double agent, Nassers grandson, the exact date and time of the egyptian attack. The Israeli govt decided not to strike first so as to not make it appear that they were the aggressors. The israeli defensive plan, was however, ineffective as they underestimated the size and scope of the egyptian attack. Outstanding show, thank you.

Zelensky “both world wars started with local aggression”, but he forgot to mention his own local aggression against the Donbas.

The Colonel could have a 12 hour video and I wouldn’t be capable of turning it off until it was over, once it was over, I would feel a tinge of sadness that there was no more.

Reminds me of when 9/11 happened our defense department had our defenses running an anti terrorism drill far away from the east coast. Air traffic controllers were confused and had to confirm if the hijacked planes were real or part of the drill. Many commanders crucial to domestic air defense were given time off or recently relocated prior to the attack. All just a coincidence of course. Government supposedly had no idea but within minutes had plenty of people to pin it on, details of how they did it, and found a terrorist passport near the wreckage.

Thanks so much for Col Macgregor! I have been waiting in anticipation for this conversation on Israel from him!
Please let him keep us updated daily if possible.

The Colonel is framing this issue in a way to not be labeled a anti semite. Even he can’t speak freely.
This particular lobby holds way too much power, not just in our government, but in just about all the governments in the world.

The Egypts say that Israel knew this was coming for a long time and were alerted about this by others, but did nothing. One questions if they wanted this to happen so they would get the opportunity to drive the Palestinians into the sea once and for all. This will not end well.

What a treat Judge. You have such superb guests. Watching/listening to you and your guests like the wonderful Colonel Macgregor, I don’t switch on TV except for animal and drama programmes.

Hamas got farther in one day with paragliders and on motorbikes than Ukraine did in 4 months with $200 billion dollars in sophisticated weapons. Imagine if Hamas had those sophisticated weapons, Israel would’ve ceased to exist by now.

The US CANNOT simultaneously focus its attention on both Ukraine and Israel, in addition to Taiwan and Niger. That’s why I feel that they are going to slowly minimize its support for Ukraine and refocus its attention mostly towards Israel, especially knowing full well now that Ukraine cannot be saved. It’ll essentially end up being just like how we had abandoned Afghanistan to focus our attention towards Ukraine. You could already see the pattern of how US Military Industrial Complex operates. The US can no longer compete with China on an economic level and therefore needs to keep creating wars or play a hand in other conflicts in order to keep it’s own economy running. It’s the sad truth. But as the saying goes, war is profitable.

The Colonel’s parallel of Israel and Custer are very fitting: they’re both settler colonial apartheid regimes fighting against indigenous peoples who are pushed to desperation defending their homeland.

The US also pays for Israel’s universal healthcare system. Imagine, no affordable healthcare for more than half of Americans whereas Israelis can all see a doctor and get treated for free.