Episode 1: What Is the Deep State?

Episode 1: What Is the Deep State?

By The Free People’s Movement

In our pilot episode, we explain the basics of the “Deep State” concept and what the levers of power really consist of.

Here’s what others had to say:

Magnus Nilsson
Great! Very pedagogical.
More people need to hear this. Looking forward to the next episode.

Leif Fredriksson Official Channel.
Fantastically good production in all respects, now the American population and other English-speaking individuals in the world can finally get something beyond the usual channels. Good job, keep it up.

Grazyna Lövblad
As always an EXCELLENT information: clear pedagogical and factual.
Thank you for your tireless work with enlightenment.

In Igne Veniet
Clear message, concise and to the point. I only pray that your videos and your channel will not be removed as so many others already have… Thank you for your dedication to the truth. Even if only one other person wakes up from this nightmare it will have been worth it. God bless you.

Gabriella Broman
Thank you! Many need this information, once and for all.

Jukka Lindholm
Exellent. The truth about how the money is created or as Dire Straits puts it, money for nothing.

Edgar Schnegg
Very well explained. Need’s to be translated to all languages and diffused all over the world.
Thanks to all that participated to the production.

sammy helgesson
And now is the time fore the world to understand who’s been in control.

Andre Flavell
When the bankers introduced derivatives that showed the true fantasy of the banking system. These derivative traders made millions out of nothing while banks lost. One trader become PM of NZ with a net worth of 50 to 100 million. None of these traders are in jail.

Celinda Hearld
This is awesome..can’t wait fir next rousode..thank you so much. Prayers that God will I’m his time fismantke this evil. We must repent and turn our lives to God if we want to be saved from this evil.

Enotuss Enotus
You have a mistake. There is money in the banking system to pay interest. Firstly, these are written-off/bad debts that cannot be repaid. The money from bad debts remains in the system and can be used to pay interest. Secondly, the banks’ expenses from the interest received earlier. Ideally, the money cycle runs indefinitely. There is no problem here. It all depends on the central bank. In reality, other factors work.

Original Source: https://youtu.be/cZQEtNh4ang