First Possible Evidence of Iranian Drones Used by Russia

By ASB Military News

First possible evidence of Iranian drones used by Russia — the remains of a suicide drone strikingly similar to Iran’s Shahed 136 were recovered in Kupyansk after it struck Ukrainian forces.

The Shahed-136 was also used to attack Saudi Arabian targets multiple times — it is estimated to have an effective range of around 2,000 to 2,200 kilometers (1,370 miles)

Its warhead is quite large and causes a lot of damage for a kamikaze drone.

It appears to be specifically produced for Russia due to the Russian name printed on it OR produced by Russia under a license.

Top American air defense systems got completely embarrassed by these drones in Saudi Arabia. They did not even detect them coming straight for the hit.

The Saudi site that was hit had US Patriot Air Defense systems stationed in it. The drone also passed the entire US fifth fleet with Aegis systems — it was not detected.