Global US Funded Bio Labs

Global US Funded Bio Labs

By BioClandestine

Now that I’ve had some time to digest my dig on Nicaragua, I went back and looked at the Appendix on biolabs in “Lower Resource Countries”.

And oh man there is some JUICE in this document. I’m going to list all the countries I found interesting other than Nicaragua and Nigeria that I covered earlier.

Bangladesh- there are 4 BSL-2 labs listed. One funded by the US CDC, 2 funded by the USAID, on funded by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and one is also funded by the OIE which is the World Organization for Animal Health. Keep in mind the focus of the Russian Military on Veterinary labs. Deep State using animals as vectors to spread pathogens.

Democratic Republic of the Congo- there is 1 BSL-3 lab funded by the US GOV via the Presidential Malaria Initiative.

Egypt- there is 1 BSL-2 and 1 BSL-3 lab listed, the BSL-3 is directly funded by the US DoD via US Navy Medical Research. Keep in mind Russia accused elements of US Navy research of being implicated in the biological network in Ukraine. Think Walter Reed and Fort Detrick.

Ethiopia- there are 5 BSL-3 labs listed. One is funded by the US GOV, in is funded by the World Bank, and the others are funded by other countries or unknown funding. My question is, why the hell does the World Bank have a BSL-3 biolab in Ethiopia?

Georgia- there is 1 BSL-3 listed that is funded by the US GOV. Another whopping 8 BSL-3 labs with no data listed. Georgia has been the source of many accusations from Russia in the past about the US creating bioweapons, dating back to 2014.

Ghana- there are 5 BSL-3 labs in Ghana. With a high presence of US and Canadian funding.

Haiti- there are 3 BSL-3 labs, all of which are completely funded by the US GOV. The CDC, NIH, Armed Forces. Huge American presence in Haiti. Think Clinton Foundation.

India- there are 44 BSL-3 labs in India and 1 BSL-4 lab, which is funded by the WHO. There’s no nefarious details to report on here. India has 1.4 billion people so this many labs is not as wild as you might think. But I would like to point out that India did a much better job stopping the spread of C19 and has a vastly different approach than the Western Hemisphere. They prescribed a cocktail of preventative medicine which included Ivermectin. Funny how there is no US involvement and India was logical and successful. Imagine that.

Indonesia- there are 22 listed BSL-3 labs, 8 Veterinary labs, and 10 unknowns. Many of these are funded by US GOV, Japanese GOV, and Indonesian GOV.

Kenya- there are 9 BSL-3 labs, funded by the US Army Medical Research Unit.

Ukraine- there 4 listed BSL-3 labs in Ukraine part of the FSU (Former Soviet Union Thread Reduction). According to the NIH, “No funding described”. Think Hunter Biden.

There are a lot more countries than what I listed. Please look for yourselves. This is just a snapshot of the type of network we are dealing with and the overall scale of the US biological capabilities worldwide.

I don’t know how this gets cleaned up, if it gets cleaned up, or if it will be bloody or not. But I can assure you, humanity will not survive on our current path. The world needs correction, and I can sense it’s coming soon.


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