Jordan Peterson EXPOSES Bill Gates Nasty Plan

Jordan Peterson EXPOSES Bill Gates Nasty Plan

By J P Education

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Thank you for speaking up for our farmers. It’s a bloody disgrace what they are doing to them.

LuCasley 20
Thank you Dr. Peterson for speaking about this! The farmers are being impacted greatly by these despicable actions.

Catherine Jones
Exposing evil is a necessary task right now. We are on the cusp of losing it all or saving ourselves. Thank you for getting the truth out.

Mia Cat
How did we ever get into this position of being dictated to buy complete psychopaths?

Josh Swicegood
I loved how Jordan just found every word he could find to mock blackface Trudeau. That was funny.

Szusza Webster
Dr. Peterson says exactly how I feel. We couldn’t be stupider if we were trying. I’ve felt this way for 2 years now and I’m glad someone out there with a voice is saying it out loud.

Gene Shepherd
Bill gates “computer nerd” is now a self proclaimed, vaccine expert, and agricultural expert.
That says it all.

Elkana Aggrey
Never heard Bill Gates say lets grow trees because that’s the fundamental way of compating climate change.

immy Cooker
Excellent analysis on one of the most important topics of our lifetime. The authoritarians are tightening their grip but the good people of the world are standing strong. God bless the people that resist tyranny.

Zippy Doohdah
They’ve accumulated that much wealth and power through it, they’ve started to act like gods controlling everything .

Thijs Groeneweg
Great conversation about a serious problem we’re facing here in The Netherlands. Our delusional government is going crazy at the moment, most of them having a double agenda.

It’s nice to see mainstream intellectuals speaking on ideas that people, conservatives included used to call us crazy for thinking.


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