Member of the New South Wales Parliament, Libertarian John Ruddick, Attacked Zelensky on X

Member of the New South Wales Parliament, Libertarian John Ruddick, Attacked Zelensky on X

By AussieCossack

Member of the New South Wales Parliament, libertarian John Ruddick, attacked Zelensky on X:

Ruddick is a libertarian, a member of the small liberal democratic party LDP, who relatively recently left the Liberals in protest.

For example, Ruddick’s LDP colleague, who left the systemic Liberals with him after a scandal, Ross Cameron called the Liberals a party of thieving fagots before leaving. It’s a pity that Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinovsky passed away – I think he would have appreciated these guys.

Ruddick and Cameron were the only Australian politicians invited to Javier Miley’s inauguration. This infuriated the Australian Foreign Ministry.

Why Ruddick’s post is courageous. Since February 2022, there has been virtually self-censorship on this topic among Australian politicians and political scientists, even if they were/are opposed to Zelensky and his crazy regime. Any alternative opinion on Ukraine and Russia in Australia has so far ended in persecution.

For example, all last week they hounded (and continue to hound) MP Adrian McRae from Western Australia, who simply went as an observer to the elections in Russia. The local media pig farm exceeded all my expectations.

The regional committee was truly infuriated by a recent article by political scientist Tom Switzer in The Australian, who directly wrote that the problem of the conflict in Ukraine is the expansion of NATO to the East. The Ukrainian ambassador’s grunting could be heard all over the islands of Oceania.

It can be assumed that Ruddick will now also be persecuted by MSM. But this will only make things worse for the latter – each new piece of propaganda causes more and more irritation in the audience.

I am sure that closer to the elections in the United States, some federal politicians will begin to openly vilify the Zelensky regime, if the latter is still alive by that time.

And it would be good if someone like @AussieCossack drew Mr. Ruddick’s attention to the “Ukrainian” diaspora in Australia, with whom Laborites and “thieving faggots” from the Liberals are running around – they have nothing to do with Ukraine, many of them were not even born in Ukraine, and some left as children.

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