More and More Australians are Waking up and Shouting “NO” to an Australian War Against Russia

More and More Australians are Waking up and Shouting “NO” to an Australian War Against Russia

SKY NEWS presenter Chris Smith is getting told in the comments for this disrespectful and tastless hit piece promoting notions that Australia shoud be declaring on Russia.

Read the comments under his SKY NEWS VIDEO…more and more Australians are waking up and shouting “NO” to an Australian war against Russia.


Putin fighting for ‘credibility’ like a ‘cornered rat’

Russian President Vladimir Putin is fighting for his life and credibility like a “cornered rat”, says commentator Prue Macsween.

“The sad thing is he is now a dangerous one,” she told Sky News host Chris Smith.

She said Mr Putin has only got two levers to pull, with one being cutting Europe’s fuel supply.

“And two, nuclear – and that’s the terrifying thing.”

Here’s what others had to say:

Jack Trade
Chris, heard Aussie Cossack is challenging you on this topic.
He knows a bit or 2 about that side of the world, so instead of us burning in detonated ICBMs without any clue during “Putin’s last resort”, challenge Aussie Cossack on a debate, so most of Australians will have wider understanding why are we meant to dread “Putin’s last resort”.
We’re democracy, we’re not afraid of open debate aren’t we?

Phil M
So Chris, are you going to get Aussie Cossack on to see what he has to say? I’d be interested to see that.

Sean Delap
Speaking of credibility you have none because you have been lying about this conflict from the beginning.

No Name
Aussie Cossack challenged you to a debate. Don’t just spit out anti Russian propaganda. Debate him!

Ms Sunshine
Simeon Boikov would kindly invite you to discuss this topic with you. You should accept his offer of discussion.

Mark Shepherd
Tell it to someone who believes mainstream media because anyone who is awake and doing their own research knows better.

Aaron Fontana
You need to give a different perspective and talk about both sides. Its clear after the last 2 years that our institutions, media, defence are not 100% representative of the of Australian people, if Australians had the truth (rather than feed propaganda) from both sides a better informed decision could be made. Its also seems quite clear that Australia is under the influence of a foreign power.

Sky News doesn’t need to fight for credibility at all. It has lost it already.

Arnav Tyagi
My God. SNA’s coverage of this war has been so garbage, that its really unbelievable.

But the installed Ukrainian comedian “President” has credibility?!?! GREAT JOK

Shane O’Connor
Many presenters on Sky select their guests to support their opinions as to why Putin could or should lose the war, which is their choice, of course, but their hopes tend to skew their coverage of actual events, however deplorable they may be. Other commentators, such as Pool and Celente, are far more grounded and realistic in their appraisals of the conflict, and the likely outcome, at least at this point in time.

princeofd 66
“Regardless of what you think, it is what the Kremlin thinks that will determine whether you continue to exist” – Paul Craig Roberts.

Chris Calderin
Why do they talk down about putin when he is the smartest most intelligent and sane world leader.

Nick T12
This is where the controlled opposition part of Murdoch’s media empire comes into play.

Arroe Du’Carlion
if putin was cornered a button would be pressed and you wouldnt be talking total garbage about it.

Lisa C
He probably doesn’t care what we think is credible. What most people think is “credible” is questionable.

“The Kremlin doesn’t do democracy very well”…*news flash*…neither does the EU, or the USA, or the Anglo-sphere in general for that matter. Sumting Wong!

The video title wins an award for “Most Confused Analogy”. Sky’s editor struggling for effect like a horse out of water. Given the intellectual contortions required to push this narrative, it should perhaps not be surprising.

Pete Shrybs
Here’s an Idea …. Get Nato, the USA and the EU to stop meddling in a regional conflict and let Russia and Ukraine to negotiate. I am getting sick and tired of all the pom poms out for protecting democracy when most Western Governments have proven that their idea of freedom is nothing more than servitude.

Tim Little
Who is the real aggressor here. Are you trying to protect child traffickers.

Peter Haydon
Does Sky news do any journalism anymore?

Mate these media creatures make me sick..hope they read the comments so they know what people really think of them.

Chris P
You reporters get on here and say all kind of garbage don’t you? Hell as long as they are paying you, y’all would be content reading Dr Seuss to us everyday wouldn’t you?

PsychoSai17 Digging for a living
How the hell can you push for Australia to join a war against Putin/Russia when Australia can barely defend our coastline from boat people?? Your guest admits they have ” no idea” so why bring them out?? Put your money where your mouth is and debate Simeon Boikov aka the Aussie Cossack on the matter @chrissmith!! Bet you won’t because you’ve got ZERO credibility or plums.