More Human Rights Abuses by the NSW Liberals

More Human Rights Abuses by the NSW Liberals

By Craig Kelly

What sick deranged mind would force a 16-year-old boy (or anyone over the age of 16) to be injected 3 times before he could see his father in prison?

This is the NSW Liberals denying the science, denying the evidence, and instead following the superstition of the disgraced former leader Berejiklian.

There is zero evidence that a triple-injected person is less likely to have or to transmit Covid than a vaccine-free person. If anything the evidence points the other way – by a country mile.

Even when we lock people away, they still have rights. Corrections Minister Geoff Lee is better than this – but currently, he’s a human rights abuser.

And when the NSW Liberals get absolutely smashed in Western Sydney during the election year, they’ll wonder why.

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