Russian Military Accuses CNN of Staging False Flags With Azov Nazi Battalion

Russian Military Accuses CNN of Staging False Flags With Azov Nazi Battalion

By BioClandestine

Russian MIL are reporting they have intelligence that shows “two reporters from CNN news channel escorted by 10 servicemen of Azov nationalist battalion have arrived in Odessa for recording prepared terrorist attacks on civilian facilities in order to accuse Russia of using prohibited methods of warfare. We warn the so-called civilised West in advance that the abovementioned and other provocations by the Ukrainian authorities about the ‘atrocities of the Russians’ are soon to be widely circulated through the Western media and in various resources of the Internet.”

It’s fine. Just CNN working with Nazis in Ukraine to film a planned terrorist attack and blame it on Russia, to cover up for their Deep State overlords who got caught making bioweapons in Ukraine. Nothing to see here folks.

In the rest of the statement, Russia cites more intelligence of staged false flags, such as children’s hospitals that Ukrainian nationalist battalions rigged with mines, set to explode when Russia soon attacks Ukrainian military installations in Kharkov, so they can accuse Russia of war crimes.

Russia has repeatedly defended that they do not attack civilians. They have repeatedly accused the Ukrainians of bombing and slaughtering their own people to paint narratives for propaganda. These are literal nazis we are dealing with, and if Russia wanted to slaughter civilians they could do so at a much more efficient rate, with far less casualties to their service members, but they are maintaining strict Rules of Engagement. If killing civilians was Russia’s objective, they would have flattened Ukraine in 48 hours.

This is a disturbing subject to consider, but logically speaking, it benefits Ukraine much more for Ukrainian civilians to die, than it befits Russia. Civilians die and they can push emotional propaganda, the world comes to aid Ukraine, and Putin is viewed as a dictator. But what happens when Putin doesn’t kill any civilians, and starts exposing the biolab network? The Nazis take it upon themselves to kill the civilians.

Russia are accusing Ukraine of committing false flags on their people to gain global support, in an attempt to smear Russia with war crimes, so they can justify ignoring Russia’s allegations of bioweapons production in Ukraine.

I mean, Ukraine is now widely accepted as a US proxy. Where do you think Ukraine got the idea from? Launching attacks on your own civilians to justify advancing political agendas. 9/11. Mass shootings. C19. Is it really that outlandish to believe Nazis would do something similar?

How long can the West continue to ignore these allegations? How long can the US government allow association with the DNC who created a proxy regime in Ukraine and are proudly supplying weapons to nazi terrorists? How many lives could the US save by giving up the charade, standing the Ukrainian armies down, stop supplying weapons and funds, and have peace talks with Russia?

The lives of the innocent are mere pawns in the minds of the Deep State players. They will gladly sacrifice as many as it takes to cover up their crimes against humanity.

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