Satanic Minion Pedophile Freemason Symbolism & Pizzagate

Satanic Minion Pedophile Freemason Symbolism & Pizzagate

By Corri Rodgers

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Satanic minion pedophile freemason symbolism & pizzagate.

Testimony from an army veteran alleging US government employees, especially workers in the Pentagon, use a network for the DOD that is responsible for transmitting classified, secret, and top secret information called “SIPRNet” to transmit information regarding trading in child pornography, picking up underage prostitutes and engaging in child prostitution around Japan, the Philippines and South Korea.

Walt Disney hires mostly pedophiles & convicted pedophiles. Boycott!

Charities or NGOs, which are very closely linked to politicians, are used by pedophiles as a front for procuring, trafficking & sale of children.

Robert Steele, a former CIA spy, who wrote the forward to the book “Pedophilia & Empire” says the world is run by blood-feasting pedophiles.