Situation Update, Sep 9, 2022 – As the Queen Dies, So Does Luciferian-Dominated Western Civilization

Situation Update, Sep 9, 2022 – As the Queen Dies, So Does Luciferian-Dominated Western Civilization

By Health Ranger Report

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– The death of the Queen is a cosmic indicator of the death of Western Civilization
– Western civilization is now almost entirely run by Satanists and Luciferians
– First the British Empire, and later the American Empire, PILLAGE the world
– Every institution of Luciferian western nations is anti-human, anti-truth, anti-liberty
– The fall of Luciferian Western Civilization is a necessary step for humanity to achieve freedom
– BILLIONS will die in the next phase of the engineered global collapse
– Prepping is necessary to survive the global war on humanity and help REBUILD civilization
– The future for humanity is bright as we rebuild civilization based on morals, reason, family values and honest money

Here’s what others had to say:

The Queen of England has presided over the destruction of her nation, she allowed the invasion of foreign nationals which will eventually lower the island to 3rd world status, she allowed the insanity of covid19 restrictions to be emplaced, she allowed the killing vaccine which will kill a significant percentage of the population in the UK, she allowed the insanity of woke culture to become law, she allowed the people to be disarmed, she foolishly made Russia an enemy which will facilitate the UK’s destruction. Charles will be worse.

Maka’ala Stone
Aloha from the Island of Maui, SMK! Mr. Adams, time is short, so I’ll make this brief. There are 2 Adams; the first Adam, disobeying/sinned against his Creator and loving Father, thereby bringing death on all of Mankind!
The 2nd Adam, who’s name is Jesus, humbly obeyed His Creator, and loving Father, and in His perfect obedience, repaired the damage done, and in and through Him healed the broken relationship between mankind and their Creator! Now, ONLY in and through Jesus will those who accept His sacrifice for Man, will enter the New Eden! There is NO OTHER WAY AROUND THE “STONE” THAT THE BUILDER’S REJECTED!
Speaking the Truth in Aloha, your friend and brother in Christ,
Maka’ala Stone
Mr. Adams, there will be NO SURVIVING the total annihilation of this evil Vatican/American Global Civilization! In Daniel chapter 2, particularly verses 34-35, and 44-45, the Lord clearly reveals, what happens to ANY earthly power that dares rise up against the Lord’s Anointed!

Although you do a lot of good for humanity,Mike, the fall of these corrupt western governments is EXACTLY what the globalists are aiming for. This is their game plan. Humanity is not going to rise up and create a new, moral society. Only Christ is going to do that now. All of these things were prophecied thousands of years ago in the Bible. This battle is between powers much greater than us. Christians are just foot soldiers in this battle, and we know it. Please read the prophecies of Daniel and the book of Revelation, beginning to end. God bless and protect you. Maranatha.

Queen has no real power, the PM does–royalty are only figureheads, something for the people to watch and comment on.

anybor stevebilliter
Donald Trump proved that when walked in front of her. And Jacob Rothschild showed Prince Charles who is in charge when he poked him in the chest – the look on Charle’s face said it all

That women lead to the destruction of all countries. If you do not know that all the world leaders are all related in some way, shape or form to the queen. Then you seriously need to go do more research.

The king and queen have no power in the UK–the PM and Parliament do–ever attend high school and pass?

Ron Angel
Charles has some people might call a unique way of doing things, he was only held back by the protocol of the royal family. Now he is the boss with no constraints hopefully we will see some interesting changes to how things are run and done!

Normal Human
He stated he wished that after died that he could come back as the plague and wipe out humanity. What a leader!

The queen of England was put in a difficult position during covid, as she followed and acted as her subjects were asked to. The queen didn’t make the laws.
This included sitting on her own at her husbands funeral. (Remember the picture of the queen sat on her own in black with a face mask in the church).
She also had to take the vaccine to show to her subjects that it was the right thing to do, and relied on her Drs and the governments advice. The queen and other royal family members all had the vaccine and had covid as well, so they were in the same position as everyone else, especially the queen, as she had to face covid as a 92 year old. If the queen said she would not take the vaccine, it would have gone against her, and given her subjects (the UK population and many other people of the common wealth and world, the impression that she didn’t trust the cure, help against covid in the jab). Would the government and UK population like this if she refused the jab? The press would have had a field day.
She acted as a beacon of hope as did many of the Royals during the epidemic, and the queen by creating a video gave hope to the nation, as she always did in times of trouble.

The queen didn’t allow the woke culture, she just carried on in her duty to god, and dedication to her subjects, the common wealth etc. working as an advisor to the 15 Prime ministers, many world leaders meeting many different people of all ages and cultures globally as a soft power showing the hand of kindness, stability, service, duty finding the common ground and acting as a calmness in uncertain times. She has been there for many by using her gained world knowledge throughout her reign giving guidance for over 70 years by being loyal and acting as a neutral listener to guide.


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