Situation Update – Transportation Shockwaves Reverberate As Consumer Demand Plummets Amid Unyielding Inflation

Situation Update – Transportation Shockwaves Reverberate As Consumer Demand Plummets Amid Unyielding Inflation

By Health Ranger Report

With the US government releasing official inflation numbers today at the “shocking” level of 8.6% (via the CPI) — with real inflation now well over 20% — it is only the oblivious morons who were surprised. The intelligent, informed people who read independent media have known about exploding inflation for over a year. We also know something that the conventional economists pretend doesn’t exist: that money printing causes inflation.

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Remember when…
The Obama administration proudly signed the agreement in 2012 giving China control of America’s second-largest container port behind the nearby Port of Los Angeles. One of the Trump administration’s first big moves was to get the Communists out of the Port of Long Beach.

donkeys ‘we must arm every Ukrainian citizen with AR15s
donkeys ‘were must unarm every law abiding American citizen of their AR15s’

Suzanne Critchfield
Off Topic: Breaking News From We Love Trump: The Pentagon has admitted that we are working with Ukraine and their 46 Biolabs. Yes, thanks to the U.S. Ukraine has 46 biolabs. I think I can remember the U.S. denying all this not too long ago.

Regarding the cops: They could just ask to be put on the phone with the criminal to work things out?

Rick Morrow
Military Intel says this: Obama spent $130 Trillion Dollars behind the backs of the American people illegally when he was in office. Now, that money is hitting the system causing inflation to EXPLODE on levels we have never seen in our history. Inflation is not going to stop. Hyperinflation is when you pay $200 for a loaf of bread. That may be next. Welcome to the real world.

Margaret Garza
In the 1980’s, I believe, there was a gas crisis in New England (Massachusetts). The Police Chief of our small town took one of the old, unusable cruisers and parked it where it could be seen on a road with a lot of speeding, nonlocal travel. Sitting in the driver’s seat was a male, anatomically correct, full-sized blow up doll, dressed in a police uniform and hat. All the locals knew what it was, but the goal was to slow down the speeding traffic from the new interstate exit, and it worked beautifully.

Start disciplining your spoiled donkeys, Mike. In a pinch they can plow your farmland and pull carts.

Dawnie Rotten
If these SO-CALLED ‘cops’ cannot DO THEIR JOBS……then they do not NEED TO HAVE THESE JOBS!!! The TAX PAYER pays for their GAS (& vehicles)!! So, this EXCUSE does NOT FLY!

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