Situation Update – Uvalde Massacre Was a Planned Stand Down Operation

Situation Update – Uvalde Massacre Was a Planned Stand Down Operation

By Health Ranger Report

It’s now 100% clear that the Uvalde mass shooting was a “Stand down operation,” meaning law enforcement was deliberately ordered to stand down so that the massacre could take place. The goal? Gun control, of course.

“Uvalde police stood outside school while parents urged them to go inside during shooting,” declares the title of an article from

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Ya know, I am old, crippled and overweight because of being crippled and not disciplining myself to stay thin. Even so, I still would have taken one of my weapons and ran my fat, crippled derriere into that school and taken out that fool.

Based. Inc
What pathetic excuse for men to sit back and let that bastard keep Killing kids. I bet the scum cops are out giving speeding tickets as we speak. All of them should be removed from service on the grounds of cowardly actions.

Michael Reed
So, where did an 18-year-old, mentally deranged kid get the money to buy a 5000 dollar rifle? His CIA handler probably!

Big Dad
Mike, True is what we have been led to believe is LEO is there to Protect us, However the Supreme Court Flattened that theory when they made it known that the Police are NOT OBLIGATED TO PROTECT YOU OR ME! So yeah, Our own Government has failed us once again. Yet they are screaming, De-arm the Citizens at any cost!. And you are right, Any of us Normal thinking people would not wasted a second and would have stormed that school in a heartbeat! Our system is broken woke crap that cannot be tolerated any longer…………………..

Penny Walker
One of my neighbors has become a hyperaggressive bully. He used to be nice, tolerable as a neighbor, but as soon as he was jabbed he has become angry, bully like in behavior. I’ve put up no trespassing signs and a fence between us that he’s been carelessly watering. BTW, that’s illegal under Texas Law, which I had to make him and his family aware of. It has been non stop bullying for the past 2 years. I can go on and on with this. Then I have other neighbors who have been jabbed and are sweeter than they’ve ever been. It’s exhausting!

Who is the biggest weapons producers in the world? The USA and Who is the biggest groomer of domestic shooters? The communist schools pushing CRT. Biden, Pelosi & McConnell wants gun control? They should start by stopping his $40 billion to the Ukraine.

The Patriarch
It’s awfully hard to tell the difference between police cowardice, laziness, incompetence, or overt criminal enablers. Back the blue? How many cops have condemned these goons allowing the murder of kids at school.
Cops earn the hate every day.
Mike you asked aren’t these goons obligated to put themselves in harm’s way? Mike…. no. No they aren’t.
Once they criminalize gun owners will these brave law enforcement units do their job? They are the trigger fingers of the out of control government, and you’ve seen plenty of examples of what happens if you say no. They will kill you.

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