The Government is in Panic Mode. 10 Million Australians Have Been Compromised

The Government is in Panic Mode. 10 Million Australians Have Been Compromised

By Aussie Cossack

Aussie Cossack shares his perspective on the recent data breach and the Government’s response.

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Peter Dutton and people like him hold the sentiment that you shouldn’t encrypt your own data or be able to defend yourself. Disgusting policy. Say no to authoritarians and mock them wherever possible

Aline de Leandro
This is why we shouldn’t be giving corporations, government or anyone our private/personal information. They’ve just proved to us that no matter who it is or what entity it is, we can’t trust them with our personal data.

They used to criticise Trump on using Twitter to broadcast his opinions. Oh the irony.

Krom Chozen
This is all to push the digital ID bill through that did not last year. Problem, reaction, solution. Good ol Gladys back at it again

Ron Burgandy
The fact that the “hackers” already posted 100,000 individuals details online shows that they got EVERYTHING with the exception of perhaps credit cards. (Which cannot be legally kept on file anyway).
This makes me think it’s a worker who had access to a server they probably shouldn’t have or were contractors etc.
I worked for a variety of banks and financial institutions in IT.
Because of remote log in encryption (military grade or rotating 128bit min) it was almost ALWAYS someone within or who had been working with the company.
Don’t forget this is a SINGAPORE BASED company so it might even have happened there.
It amazed me how many millions per month the CBA used to write off in their card fraud department in melb.
I sadly doubt things have improved in our large corporations, so I would be blaming Optus and Optus alone…
I hope that it’s older data so it doesn’t impact as many people. Huge breach though and disgusting Optus aren’t fined or investigated externally.

Danielle Somerfield
I don’t know how the government can be so outraged when it’s a requirement to release your ‘sensitive’ information when you apply for Workforce Australia. Sensitive information like your health records, religion and associations.

They probably brought the FBI in to help cover up the whole thing. Appreciate you and your determination to keep fighting the good fight mate. This is one time I’m glad I am with Telstra, but I’m sure the same will happen with them too… Love ya work as always Cossack!

The moment Optus hired Gladys I cancelled both my partners and my own plans and switched provider. Her resume is one of corruption, why would I think any better of Optus if they chose to hire her.

Sheldon Hollies
This should be an eye opener for australians. You cannot trust electronics stick to cash and do not buy or pay for anything using your phones. Go to your banks and tell them you want everything sending through the post.

The only way to save this country from evil ? is we all stick together. No one has the power to destroy us they are doing it slowly now fight for our freedom and rights. Wake up AUSTRALIA ?? before it’s to late we need more numbers keep spreading it to everyone you know. Thank you Aussie cossack the true news.

Nathan Nicholson
Unbelievable how they’re getting us used to these breaches of our privacy. Not sure what constitutional rights Australians have but I am sure secrecy in communications is one of them.

You’re a brave man for posting this Simeon, ruffling feathers straight out of jail. But please look out for yourself and your family, your beautiful wife. Don’t become the next Assange. You’ve paid enough already.

Phillip Chalker
What people don’t realise these days is most companies ask you for your date of birth address name and Sam even ask for your mobile as well especially people who are on the NDIS now. This is definitely enough information to breach someone’s confidential information and the NDIS is government agency, and all those vulnerable ones who are on the NDIS and get arcs all these questions every time they want to ring in just to identify who they are, even though they gave us a nine digit number, that’s still not good enough.


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