The Great Reset Is Happening!

The Great Reset Is Happening!

By Russell Brand

Mass protests in Sri Lanka are happening as farmers continue to protest in the Netherlands and Germany. Is it really a coincidence that these are happening at the same time?

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Iced Champagne
It’s inspiring to see these farmers & citizens stick together to protest for their rights. God bless them.

Austin Swift
Its incredible how Russell Brand has actually started uniting people of all sides by speaking just common sense. Great vid and I hope this one gets spread!

Yes! We are not designed to live a ‘top – down controlled life’ we are human beings who are social and thrive within a community. You nailed it, actually!

Tennille Tobin
I think you’re spot on Russ. Scary how easily they seem to be knocking over the dominos toward total control these days.

Kim Cox
Never in my life did I think I’d be listening to Russel brand and agreeing with him. Thank you for bringing these issues out to the light.

michelle ekstrom
Russell, love how you just point out the obvious with such flare. God Bless the farmers who are struggling & the people of Sri Lanka for standing up to their president! We the people need to stick together

I wish we in the UK would have each others backs and rise up against this oppression like other countries do, it’s easy for the majority to think it doesn’t or won’t affect us…when it already is! keep the momentum going Russell, your channel gives me hope!

Aundria Cooper Premo
I grew up tending horses and milking cows, and seeing the beauty of farming. I hate what’s happening to these farmers and, by extension, their families.

George Ray
Taking away peoples’ ability to produce their own food and farmers to feed the people is absolute vile and evil – pure and simple.

Michael Boleyn
You have become one of my favorite people Russell. Your honesty, your humor, and your willingness to advocate people’s right to freedom of choice, even if it doesn’t align with what you choose for yourself. Just to name a few reasons! Hold fast my enlightened friend.

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