The Latest Statements of President Vladimir Putin

The Latest Statements of President Vladimir Putin

By AussieCossack

The latest statements of President Vladimir Putin:

The US is more and more involved in the conflict, and it will not be able to say that it had nothing to do with it:

The Russian Aerospace Forces have now begun constant patrolling of the airspace above the Black Sea with planes equipped with Kinzhal cruise missiles

We will be able to repel US Army ATACMS missile attacks;

Supplying Ukraine with ATACMS missiles – is a US mistake;

We have always advocated the creation of a sovereign state of Palestine, even before the conflict;

If the Ukrainian side wants to negotiate, then it must first cancel the decree banning negotiations with Russia;

Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán is often accused of pro-Russian sentiments, this is nonsense, he is a pro-Hungarian politician;

If Russia is losing the war, then why is the US president suddenly supplying Ukraine with ATACMS. Biden should withdraw his ATACMS and we invite him to Russia for pancakes with tea.

In Ukraine, they are thinking about the negotiation process, this is a transformation in the right direction, I will praise them for this, but this is not enough;

Putin said they spoke with Xi Jinping “over a cup of tea” for an hour and a half to two hours and discussed completely confidential topics;

The Russian Aerospace Forces patrolling the Black Sea is not a threat, we will control this region.

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