Trudeau-Castro Is Going All Out to Implement Agenda 2030 for Canada by Putting Limits on Nitrous Oxide, Which Provides Zero Environmental Harm

Trudeau-Castro Is Going All Out to Implement Agenda 2030 for Canada by Putting Limits on Nitrous Oxide, Which Provides Zero Environmental Harm

Trudeau-Castro is going all out to implement Agenda 2030 for Canada by putting limits on nitrous oxide, which provides zero environmental harm. If the vaccine mandates don’t get you the famine will. How long will he be allowed to continue this democidal path?


Thread on Canada’s proposed fertilizer policy:

Trudeau is wanting to cut nitrous oxide emissions from ag sources 30% by 2030. For ag, that means cutting applications of nitrogen fertilizer.

The inventible consequence is mass starvation. 1/n

Nitrogen is *the* most important nutrient for crops. The invention of synthetic nitrogen is what allowed humanity grow from a population of under 2 billion to almost 8 billion within a century.

No synthetic nitrogen, no food. Period. 2/n

Nitrous oxide (N2O) is generated as part of nitrogen fertilizer (particularly nitrate-based fertilizer) breakdown. N2O has been categorized as an extremely potent greenhouse gas (GHG) alongside methane.

This is why many environmentalist groups want to curtail nitrogen apps. 3/n

Canada is one of the major ag players globally. It has a lot of great ag land and a small population. That means it’s an export powerhouse. But this isn’t possible without nitrogen fertilizer. 4/n

Trudeau and his allies in Canada are hellbent on cutting GHG emissions at all costs. That’s why he’s moving forward with a proposal to cut N2O emissions by 30%. But they’re elites. They are so privileged they have no idea the suffering this will inflict upon humanity. 5/n

Canada produces 8% of the world’s tradable wheat, 10% of tradable barley, and well over 50% of tradable canola.

Cut nitrogen usage 30% and all that’s likely gone from the world market. That’s the simple truth. 6/n

Global food insecurity is rising rapidly. The world is staring down the barrel of a looming humanitarian catastrophe at a scale unseen since the mid-20th Century.

It’s a scary situation that’s still unfolding. 7/n

The decision by Canandian and Dutch elites to restrict nitrogen usage is nothing less than a death sentence to millions globally to die of starvation. This self-righteous posturing by Canadian and Dutch politicians will create untold human suffering. 8/n

A friend up in Alberta who has family on the ag boards informed me that Trudeau’s proposals have to get through parliament this fall before they can be enacted, so there’s still a chance to stop this. 9/n

There must be strong public pressure directed at Canadian and Dutch politicians to reverse their disastrous fertilizer policies. What’s being proposed is downright inhuman due to the suffering that will be the direct consequence of cutting back nitrogen usage. 10/n

2023 is shaping up to be a rough year for global food insecurity. The question is only how bad things will be.

Increasing agricultural production *must* be a priority for govts worldwide. Engaging in WEF utopian thinking will only result in the riding of the Black Horse. 11/fin