($1 billion USD valuation) in 5 years or less
The reason Elon Musk wants to pay $44 billion for Twitter is supposedly to make it censor free. Plus he believes he can increase its value even further.
The TruthGroup believes it can achieve a censor-free platform or platforms, for a fraction of the outlay Musk is offering of $44 billion.
Admittedly it may not achieve multi billion dollar valuations, at least not straight away, but just a $100 million valuation would make early investors very rich, not to mention a $1 billion valuation within 5 years.

Rumble raised $400 million USD last year, and is valued at $3-4 billion today. And many of you have probably never heard of it yet. (A YouTube alternative). Trumps TruthSocial has a $10 billion valuation and is only just launching.

TruthGroup is being realistic, and are happy to get to just a $50-$100 million valuation within 24 months, and $1 billion valuation within 5 years. To achieve that, if we base it on Facebook’s figures, that each user is worth about $158 USD per person.

TruthGroup will sell subscriptions also which Musk wants to do for Twitter, to not just rely on advertising so each user could be worth in fact more, and unlike Facebook, TruthGroup could monetise from its early stages and in fact already has paying subscribers by default, and many users are happy to donate to TruthGroup to help fund its growth as it already has tens of thousands of raving fans. The same couldn’t be said of Facebook. Pathway to a $1 billion valuation.

100,000 users by $158 USD per user is worth thus $15.8 million USD. 1 million users being $158 million USD valuation.

6 million users, being the Unicorn Status of $1 billion USD approximately ($948 million USD to be precise).TruthGroup soft launched just one of its platforms 150 days ago, ie. and has approximately 35,000 users, and 100,000 posts already.

It is expected to reach 50,000 users within several months, by $158 per user is $7.9 million USD, not to mention its other platforms and assets.
As the marketing soon starts,and key influencers are brought on board for payments, or equity, then it’s expected to grow to at least 100,000 plus users by end of 2022 calendar year.
This would be a $15.8 million USD valuation for just one of its platforms and just one of its assets.

However, the TruthGroup is launching every major style platform soon, which can fuel user growth further.

A Twitter alternative is already taking on users it is called, an Instagram alternative called and a Tik Tok alternative in www. It already has its own censor free search engine, soft launched in (worth $182 per user USD to Google), and its own YouTube alternative in www., and as mentioned, its own Twitter style platform in

As we know Elon Musk is prepared to pay $44 billion for Twitter, yet Truthtweet can already do censor free tweets, 1000 characters verse 240 on Twitter and has an edit button. And has no “woke” employees, whose ideology is anti profit and mass censorship.

The TruthGroup, is also acquiring 25% of, a cryptocurrency listing under its TruthPay brand which it is acquiring at 10% of its June 30 list price making
$18 million USD in paper profits (and TruthPay is new planned Stripe competitor soon to launch) this lists June 30 at market price of $0.20 cents or $80 million USD.
25% holding will be valued at $20 million USD alone.

The growing demand for censor free social media platforms should not be underestimated.

Facebook has already lost hundreds of billions in market cap largely from censoring users who are now dumping it in droves.

How much of these billions do alternate censor free social media companies wish to collect?

The TruthGroup is positioned to take a slice of this market and growing organically even before its official launch.