Tucker Carlson Reveals Canada Is Paying To Kill Poor People To ‘Slow the Spread’ of Poverty

Tucker Carlson Reveals Canada Is Paying To Kill Poor People To ‘Slow the Spread’ of Poverty

By Zach Heilman

“This feels like a trend that could very easily come here, the right to die, maybe a right for the government and corporate interests, the health insurers to kill you if you become inconvenient.”

During the so-called pandemic, older citizens sacrificed youth in order to protect themselves at the behest of the so-called experts who pushed mandatory jabs on the populations of the world when there was no real science behind the jabs being medically necessary or even helpful, for that matter. And let us not forget one of the biggest pushers of the jab is also known to be pro-depopulation.

Government officials even sent COVID patients into senior living facilities knowing that they were the most susceptible to the virus.

More recently, Roe v Wade and the SCOTUS leak that it may end has entered the conversation. The reactions from the left, screaming and gnashing their teeth over the thought of not being able to selfishly sacrifice their unborn children because they made a choice with their bodies and don’t want to be responsible for the consequences of their actions.

Add in the LGBTQIA+ agenda and all the child grooming in schools and even Disney.

Now take a look at our wide-open southern border, where human trafficking, child sex trafficking, drug smuggling, and more is rampant while the Biden Regime does nothing but increase the problems with their liberal policies.

There’s more to it than what I mentioned above, but connect some dots, and you may very well see that they really are trying to destroy America, the community, children, and family values across the board.

Anyways, here’s Tucker Carlson weighing in on Canada euthanizing their own citizens with taxpayer money.



Tucker Carlson: Well, in Canada, they may have found a solution to what to do with more widespread poverty. You just euthanize poor people. There’s a remarkable new piece on this in The Spectator. And The Spectator found that “a woman in Ontario was forced into euthanasia because their housing benefits did not allow her to get better housing, which didn’t aggravate her crippling allergies.” So she was forced to kill herself. There are many other examples of this. This feels like a trend that could very easily come here, the right to die, maybe a right for the government and corporate interests, the health insurers to kill you if you become inconvenient. Charles Camosy has thought a lot about this over a long time. He is the author of Losing Our Dignity, how secularized medicine is undermining fundamental human equality. He’s also a professor at Creighton School of Medicine. He joins us tonight. Professor, thanks so much for coming. I know that you saw that you were the first person we thought of when we saw this piece. Are we overstating what’s happening here?

Charles Camosy: No. And first of all, thank you so much for covering Tucker because it doesn’t get a lot of coverage. And I think I have to wonder why. I mean, violence is something we hear covered ad nauseam. Everything today is violence, even things which obviously aren’t violence. This is violence. This is medicalized violence. Why isn’t this being covered? Why aren’t we talking about it? Especially when it’s poor people, especially when it’s working-class people who are structurally pushed into that? I think that’s a question worth asking.

Tucker Carlson: Well, sure. And there’s this very difficult problem, which is what do you do when an economy based on finance starts to go south and average people, you know, can’t kind of sustain themselves? Do you guarantee basic income or whatever? This seems like an obvious choice for ghouls, neoliberal ghouls? Like we’ll just force poor people to kill themselves?

Charles Camosy: And how many times have we heard from Canada about their health care system, their social care system talking down to us about so many things, and now it’s come home to roost, Canada’s policies are seen for what they are, and we need I mean, Canada has their own problems. We need to learn from this. We need to say, look, what’s happening to our poor people? To our disabled people? The dementia population, Tucker, which we talked about at early part of the pandemic, is set to double in the next 20 years to triple in the next 30 years. What are we going to do? Are we going to put the resources into care for them? If we don’t, I really only see two options, so-called robot care or straight up no chaser euthanasia?

Tucker Carlson: Yeah. So why don’t politicians just say out loud now, I mean, so many things we’re seeing now, we couldn’t have imagined ten years ago or five years ago, even and now they’re commonplace.

Charles Camosy: That’s right.

Tucker Carlson: Killing yourself is not liberation. It’s really sad. You shouldn’t be forced to do it. Like Why does nobody say that?

Charles Camosy: Well, your show is an example of giving people a voice who have no voice. The people who are the most dramatically impacted by this, the working class and the poor, don’t have a voice. And so we need to decide. And it’s so interesting to see the political realignment underway. Which party is going to be the voice of the working class and of the poor? To be on the side of people who say I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die, but I don’t see any option given what’s been offered me. That’s just diabolical.

Tucker Carlson: It is diabolical is the word for it. And you’ve been writing about this for so long. And thank you for doing that. Professor. Great to see you.

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