West Accused of ‘Piracy’ by Russian PM

West Accused of ‘Piracy’ by Russian PM

By sweN TR

Western nations want to destroy the Russian economy with sanctions, some of which are in essence nothing short of outright piracy, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin has said.

“Unfriendly nations found no better way than to return to the typical pirate practice, if we call a spade a spade. By freezing our assets, they de facto robbed the country,” the PM said, referring to the decision to freeze Russia’s foreign reserves denominated in dollars and euros, which amounted to about $300 billion.

The US and its allies targeted Russia with an unprecedented number of economic sanctions in retaliation to Moscow’s military attack against Ukraine in late February. Mishustin said Western nations launched the onslaught “to stir panic and hurt everyone” in Russia.

Original Source: https://t.me/swentr/1172